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Talk of the devil, and he is sure to appear. (噂をすれば影が差す。 Uwasawosurebakagegasasu): is the 7th episode of The Ancient Magus Bride anime.


A familiar Sorcerer and Renfred is having a dispute while Alice is left waiting for her teacher's return. As for the Ainsworth Family, after having Chise being fully recovered from her time in Ulthar and learned more about her nature as a Sleigh Beggie, Elias starts teaching his young apprentice magic seriously. They soon set off however to investigate the church's last request which involves finding out if the Church Grim, or Black Dog, is hostile or not. As Chise is left to investigate on her own, she gets ambushed an evil spirit before being rescued by the Black Dog as he mistakes her for a woman by the name of Isabel. As he loses consciousness shortly afterward and dreams about the woman he previously mentioned- Alice appears however and demands that Chise hands the dog over before being put to sleep by a potion made by Chise as she felt threatened.

After waking up from his slumber, Ulysse begins to talk about Isabel and how Chise resembles her. The Sleigh Beggie comes to realize that Isabel is dead and that Ulysse doesn't realize who he is. Alice wakes up, hands tied behind her back, and is interrogated by Chise. As she reveals that she and her master is being blackmailed by some strange kid to collect materials for him, Elias emerges from Chise's shadow and accepts Alice's offer to help them with this "kid". Chise takes notice of Cartaphilus as he and his Chimera appears, shoving Alice to the side as she takes a hit for her. Causing Elias to transform into a monster.


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