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None so deaf as those who will not hear. (聞こうとしない者ほど説得が困難である。 Kikou to shinai mono hodo settoku ga kon'nandearu): is the 9th episode of The Ancient Magus Bride anime.


Ruth makes a visit to Isabel's grave before returning home to Chise and together they ask Elias if he intends to come out, as he'd been inside his room for the past two weeks, but he tells them that he'll remain for a little while longer. After eating, Silver goes on to kick both Ruth and Chise out of the house in order for them to go shopping.

Immediately afterward they come across Angelica and Hugo, following them to a nearby village where they go shopping and discuss Chise's current situation. Chise gets angry at Angelica on the way home but apologizes afterward before they return home. Once there, Chise and Ruth make another attempt at talking with Elias. As the mage doesn't respond, Chise walks into the room before getting trapped inside by a disfigured version of Elias' usual self. They spend the night together and Chise wakes up after having a nightmare, finding a note from Elias telling her he'll be back by nightfall.

Chise and Ruth eat breakfast before venturing around the neighborhood in a search for Elias, even having a short encounter with Simon before leaving just as quickly. While on their search, they come across an old man and a vampire that resides with him. Ruth goes off to search for Elias while leaving Chise with Joel and the Leánnan sídhe. Chise does so by reading one of Joel's texts, soon revealing to be a love story that's inspired by his meeting with the vampire. As Chise leaves, the leánnan sídhe and Joel's eyes seem to meet once again and she thanks the Sleigh Beggy for visiting. Ruth then finds Elias and Chise comes running to their position. There they find him lying in a pond and Chise goes on to ask Elias to talk about himself at some point, in which he tells her that he'll need some time but nevertheless do it. Their conversation is then interrupted by a Selkie, Lindel's familiar, and tells them that Lindel has business with them.


Differences from manga

  • Chise has a bath scene in this episode that was not present in the original manga.

Character Appearances


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