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Felicia is a thirteen-year old girl who lives out in the countryside of London along with her father. She inherited the Sight from her mother, Alicia, and serves as the protagonist of the short story, Pyrite Knight.


Felicia has blonde hair with pig tails and describes herself as having spirited eyes. She wears a dress and with a marcasite brooch made of pyrite that she never takes off since it was given to her by her mother, passed down from her grandmother, and acts as a protective charm.


Felicia is a young girl who has a fascination with minerals and gemstones, much like her father. Lewis also notes that she shares many similarities with her mother, Alicia, and her grandmother, Cecilia, including being reckless and spirited. Her deepest wish is for the three of them to be together again.

She feels strongly enough that if she sees something in trouble she can't help but want to save them, which has endangered her life a number of times. She also seems to be conscious of her appearance, going so far as to deem herself undesirable enough to warrant a stalker when she first meets Lewis in the veil.


Felicia was born with the Sight and, as a result, could see the supernatural. One time in the past she was nearly carried off by Others until her mother saved her. Since then she tried to avoid them.

She also once spotted a kitten drifting in a river and tries to swim out to save it, but nearly drowned until she was pulled out when her mother arrived thanks to Lewis. Eventually, sickness claimed her mother and left her feeling a void in her life with her absent.


The Gold Yarn

The short story, Pyrite Knight, Felicia has searching a graveyard outside of London with her friend, Alma. The latter misplaced a cross pendant while paying respects, and during their search they come across a crystal pendant that Felicia picks up, causing her to hear a voice that her friend couldn't. She then heads home after night falls, only for a creature of some kind to follow her back and try to attack her due to the fact that she took the pendant home with her despite her mother's warning in the past that, as a person who possesses the Sight, she is likely to draw their attention.

She later wakes up and finds Lewis next to her. He explains that the creature that attacked her was an Apparition and though he was suppose to protect her, he lacked the strength. But, because the crystal itself wanted to return to where it belonged, he made a deal with it in order to borrow its power to save her. He then presents her with two choices: to return home and leave the crystal behind or to take the crystal back to where it belonged, despite the danger.

She chooses to take the crystal home and so Lewis goes with her as a protector. Along the way she tries to get answers from him, mistaking him for a mage, until they arrive at a crossroads and she has to use the crystal as a pendulum to find which way to go. That's when they are attacked by the Apparition, who desires to live inside of the stone but the act of which would corrupt it.

As Lewis holds it off, Felicia returns the crystal to its cluster and the Apparition tries a final time to attack her in an attempt to claim the entire cluster for itself. Lewis slays it while the brooch takes the hit, splitting in half while Felicia is thrown back through the veil. She passes out and remembers a time when she nearly drowned only to be saved by Lewis in the past, learning his true nature.

She wakes later on to find her father over her, worried that she had been attacked. Lewis' brooch is destroyed, but his voice on the wind assures her that as long as she remembers him, he will remain. Several years later, she makes preparations to head to London in search of an artificer that specializes in working with gems and minerals in the hopes of repairing the brooch.


  • The Sight: Much like her mother and grandmother, Felicia possesses the Sight. This allows her to perceive the supernatural to a greater degree than others, but the extent is not so great that she can understand things as a mage would. It is possible that with enough training she could become capable of magic.
  • Protective Charm: The Brooch given to her by her mother acts as a protective charm, which manifests in the form of Lewis during the events of the story. Lewis has saved her life a number of times as a result.


  • Lewis: In the short time that she knew him, Felicia came to regard Lewis as family, understanding that he had been protecting her since she was a child.
  • Alicia: Felicia loved her mother dearly enough that the loss of her was something that weighed heavily on her. She inherited a lot of her attitude and personality from her.
  • Father: Felicia loves her father and inherited a great deal of knowledge from him when it comes to mineralogy. Even though he can't see things like they can, he accepts that but worries about her constantly.


  • (To Lewis) "Well, if I get into trouble, I'll grit my teeth and bear it. I got some toughness from my mother, too, you know. You do what you need to do, Lewis."[1]


  1. The Golden Yarn, Pyrite Knight, page 104


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