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Gabriella is a Nun who works at the church where Simon is and currently oversees Elias. Elias mentions that this is her current form, but she isn't exactly human despite feeling partially as much of one. She is later revealed to be a Vampire.  


Gabriella dresses in a Nun's cloth and habit while possessing black hair and black eyes. She has freckles on her cheeks as well.


Gabriella appears to be an individual who appears to be fond of Simon, but refers to others as being young or soft. She will only follow the orders of someone she respects but tries to shy away from killing others.


Elias mentions that "it" had a previous form and occupation before becoming a Nun in Simon's church. However, she mentions her home being in Italy. 


Gabriella appears with Simon as he prepares food when they are visited by an agent of the Church who wants to review his reports. She leaves to retrieve Elias and returns to threaten the auditor before Elias appears.[1]

The auditor then tries to restrain Simon and she attacks him for it, sinking her teeth into his throat and drinking a little of his blood. He tries to fend her off through eyes that can seemingly bind the supernatural, but she can shake it off with enough ease that she could then knock him out. She then requested that Elias remove him memories since she wants to avoid killing him.

Once the memories are removed, Gabriella puts the boy into a trance and escorts him to Alonza in order to have him be re-educated in Italy.

Skills and Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength: Her strength is enough that it is not easy for others to break free from her grip.
  • Resistance to Binding: Because she is "technically" human, she has a resistance to powers that would bind a supernatural entity.
  • Shapeshifting: She can shapeshift her claws sharp enough to cut through flesh.
  • Mental Manipulation: She can place others into a deep trance.


  • Simon Cullum: She appears to have some fondness and familiarity with Simon, accompanying him in his home and coming to his defense, despite not being ordered to act on his whims. She refers to him as being rather delicate.
  • Alonza: She refers to Alonza as her master and someone she deeply respects.


  • (To the Unnamed auditor):"It's not nice to torment the weak."[2]


  • She is from Italy.


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