Gananagh are a type of Faerie that make women fall in love with them and lead them off to their deaths. They do so without regret as it is a part of their nature, with one noting it to being similar to how a human wouldn't turn down food in front of them. Young women brimming with life, hope, and youth were irresistible to their kind.[1] Alex is an exception to this due to his being bound to a mage who crossed his path.


These fae are attractive and young appearing men, possessing features that would be needed to charm women along with their magic.

Notable Gancanagh


  • Longevity: Like most fae, they are very long-lived.
  • Charm: They possess the ability to charm women through the use of magic, along with features such as honeyed words and beautiful smiles. The women who fell for them would be imprisoned by the magic and ultimately destroy themselves chasing love that would never be returned.


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