Gorgons are a species of demihumans that exist within the world of Ancient Magus Bride. Descendants of the original gorgons like Medusa, in the past they were hunted down for their eyes and their snakes to be used as reagents, but in the modern day they are typically treated as people by wizards. They hatch from eggs and because their voices register on a different level they cannot be heard by baseline humans.[1]


Full blooded gorgons have snake-like features, including their hair consisting of many serpents that are seemingly aware and eyes that can paralyze those that they gaze upon selectively. Half-blooded gorgons can shift between a normal appearance and their serpentine features being on display, but have less control without additional measures.

Personality Traits

Gorgons have developed their own culture and society in pockets of land isolated away from humans due to their inability to communicate with humans, seeing themselves as separate entities entirely. Because they believe themselves to be descended from Dragons, the presence of one causes their blood to sing and leaves them riled up.

Skills and Abilities

  • Paralyzing Gaze: Their eyes can be used to paralyze anyone they look upon, though it can be done selectively in full-blooded gorgons.
  • Enhanced Senses: Gorgons possess sharper senses, rendering them more sensitive to sounds, lights, and smells.

Notable Gorgons

  • Zoe Ivey: An classmate of Chise Hatori and half-gorgon.


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