Gray Walls was a Brownie that served as one of the central characters of the short story, War At The Walshes'. A Brownie who delighted in pranks that were that were exceedingly malicious after they pitied him and injured several of the Walshes' family, they eventually moved away and left the home to fall apart. This drove Gray Walls even further into insanity, turning the home into a trap that allured in children.

Eventually he would take Petra Elgar and in doing so would cause Rust Eyes to intervene and save her, ultimately destroying both him and what remained of the house as Rust Eyes stabbed him with an iron candlestick.


Gray Walls had a gray hide that matches the walls of the home.


As a Brownie, Gray Walls took delight in playing pranks towards the host of the home he inhabited. However, he found the most delight in pranks that were malevolent, such tripping the inhabitants as they were going downstairs, leaving nails sticking out of the floor, leaving the bathroom floor slippery, things that would lead to injury and death.

Ten years after the Walshes' abandoned the home he was driven into further madness and became obsessed with finding someone to prank.


Gray Walls had been living in the Walshes home for some time and at some point one of the inhabitants pitied him, causing him to rebel rather than leave. In doing so he began to use pranks that were outright dangerous, ruining the lives of the family.


The Silver Yarn

The short story, War At The Walshes', has Gray Walls kidnap and imprison Petra in order to have a new master to prank, sealing her inside and barring the windows so she couldn't escape. He would try to force her down a staircase with jagged pieces of wood, making her trip with the intention of falling onto them, clean after he made a mess only to dirty things up again, until finally she couldn't go on. Frustrated, he prepared to hit her with a vase until Rust Eyes appeared to reclaim her.

The two brownies fought until Rust Eyes stabbed him with an iron candlestick, causing him to vanish. His home is destroyed afterwards.



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