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Hazel (ハシバミ Hashibami) is a Faerie, specifically a Centaur, working as Courier. He delivers both letters and packages for anyone who calls upon him.[2]


Hazel is a Centaur, a fae with a humanoid upper body (head and torso) with the lower body and legs of a horse.

His humanoid part has light brown skin, broad shoulders, medium brown eyes and wavy hair of the same color that's worn in a bob-cut. Like most Fae, his ear shape is elf-like. He often wears a black capped hat, a black shirt with a grey cloak over it, a green scarf tied beneath the cloak, and grey gloves.

His horse part has a medium brown coat with light brown hooves. He wears red bags to carry packages and letters in.

Hazel's physique is slim and strong, with his horse-half making him even taller than Elias, and he is usually seen with an alert facial expression.


Hazel is a friendly and polite Fae, who seems happy to carry out his job. He's also a very loving nephew to his aunt, Marie, dutifully visiting her every Christmas despite the fact that there was a stigma against visiting those born with two-legs among his herd.


When Hazel was a child, his father directed him to deliver a letter to his aunt without telling him who she was under the guide of it being travel practice. He found her by asking various spirits and fae, and after seeing her being brought to tears upon reading the letter he took to visiting her.

For a decade prior to the series, Hazel visited his aunt on Christmas.


Main Story

Hazel, arrives to the household of Elias Ainsworth, after being called upon and agrees to deliver Christmas presents from Elias to others, before leaving. He later on, encounters Chise Hatori and Alice, on their outing together, and advises them on what to buy, for their masters.

He later reappears during the Summer as an escort to get Chise and Elias to the College using the backroads.[3] The one that they take is inhabited by creatures known as Hunting Hounds, who he has a contract with. Because of this, they arrive at the College within five minutes. In exchange, he asks for Centaur medicine.

The Golden Yarn

The short story, Frozen Flowers, picks up with Hazel departing from his talk with Chise and Alice as he finished delivering all the letters and gifts he needed to. He then passes by a creature that he couldn't be sure of as he takes a shortcut that allows him to leave London and run towards the countryside where his Aunt Marie lives with an apple tree that always seems to be in blossom. He comes inside after she cleans his hooves and they have a meal while exchanging Christmas gifts, only for her to fall ill due to having run out of medicine. Hazel wants to run to get her medicine, but the trek will take two days and his aunt begs him not to leave her alone, so he stays until she gets better before setting out in the morning to deliver to his father an apple pie that she made.

Skills and Abilities

  • Invisibility: Like most Fae, Hazel is invisible to those who lack the Sight unless he wishes to be seen.
  • Hidden Paths: Hazel is capable of traveling through paths that mortals can't, such as back-roads created by reflections in pools of rain water. Some of these back-roads in particular are inhabited by dangerous creatures.
  • Contract: He has a contract with the Hunting Hounds, able to translate what they say and use their roads safely so long as he stays within the bounds of the paths.


Aunt Marie

Hazel has visited his aunt since he was a child and has loved her dearly since then, even after he learned about the rift between those of his kind who were born two-legged and those who were born with four. He was more than willing to go retrieve her medicine despite the potential of being ousted from his herd.


  • (To Marie) "All I've ever known is this Marie, who walks on two legs."[4]


Hazel's general appearance.



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