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This Image Policy was originally made by Solazora over at the Nanbaka Wikia. The Mahou Tsukai no Yome Wikia has been given permission to use it. However, it has some gone through some alterations to better suit this particular wikia. We've also been given permission by IamJakuhoRaikoben over at the Fairy Tail Wikia to use parts of their Image Policy as it covered parts that we didn't.

The guidelines here are meant to cover the image policy for all images of each category. ALL images (with the exceptions of .gif files, of course) are to be uploaded in the .png format, in lowercase letters.

  • JPGs or JPEGs have a tendency to become pixelated when viewed as thumbnails in articles, thus we’d strongly advise that you upload images in a PNG format.

When Uploading

Here are some important notes that MUST be taken into consideration and followed when uploading any/all images onto this wiki, be it for your profile or an article page.

Legal Tagging


The copyright of all images remains with Kore Yamazaki, animators and anyone else who legally owns the material. It does not belong to the individuals who provide the manga scans or episodes online. Regardless of what any other site or user may say, the copyright on these images always belongs with Kore Yamazaki, Mag Garden, Seven Sea Entertainment, etc. No one else can claim that they own the image or can restrict its use.

With that in mind, all images that are uploaded need to be properly marked with their fair use tag and fair use rationale. Those that aren't may be marked for deletion with the {{Delete}} tag.

Scrolling through the various licensing options available provides a description of what that particular template means. The ones that will most typically be used are General, Film Screenshot, and TV Screenshot. When adding an image, you need to provide either a {{Fairuse}} or a {{Screenshot}} tag.

  • {{Fairuse}} for an anime screenshot.
  • {{Screenshot}} for manga image or any other file.

Mangastream's Images


Most, if not all, will be tempted to use Mangastream's images. While it is much more convenient and faster, it is disrespectful to use their images when they clearly state not to re-host the manga chapters (which would also include images from the chapters) on any other online readers or websites other than their site. While we can't stop you from hosting their images, please do know that all of their images will be replaced once the cleaned raw/Tankōbon/anime pictures are out.

While the Mahoutsukai no Yome Manga is currently not a part of Mangastream's uploads, it's still an important notice that any users, who're involved in editing wiki pages based on a manga, should know.

Character Profiles

Images that are used as profile images for character articles must meet the following standards:

  • Dimensions are exactly 490×590.
  • High quality (preferably cropped from a 1600x900 screenshot)
  • Character of interest must be centered on and identifiable.
  • File must be named/formatted in the following way: Profile.GivenName.Manga/Anime01.png (ex: Profile.Chise.Manga01.png). This creates an easier structure and makes moving images around more convenient.
    • Should there already be an image named "Profile.Chise.Manga01.png", then you simply make it into: Profile.Chise.Manga02/03/04/etc.png

Episode Previews

Images that are used as preview images for episode articles must meet the following standards:

  • Dimensions are exactly 1600×900.
  • High quality screenshot
  • Preferable to focus on a scene that is the main focus of the episode.
  • File must be named/formatted in the following way: Episode01.png.

Chapter Previews

Images that are used as preview images for episode articles must meet the following standards:

  • Dimensions are exactly 1140×1600
    • The only exception to this being when it's a wide cover (such as Chapter 1 and 14)
  • High quality
  • The page where the name of the chapter is visible.
  • Text in speech bubbles must be removed. (text boxes with information are fine to leave as is.)
  • File must be named/formatted in the following way: Chapter01.png.
    • If updating the cover from Japanese to English, then simply replace the current one using the same name of the chapter.


In order to simplify the gallery articles, when uploading images to the manga section, there is a limit of 2-3 images per chapter for each character who is the main focus of said images. The ONLY exception to this rule is if you are adding an image to be uploaded for a character's main article under the characters plot section.

Following format for images uploaded solely for the Gallery articles:

  • High quality
  • Text in speech bubbles must be removed.
  • The character in the image must not only be FULLY identifiable and stand out, but also must contain a close up.
  • File must be named based on the scenario of the image.

Any other images

  • When uploading other images, you’re advised to give it a suitable file name. Such as “Elias.Transformation.Manga01.png”. (If the uploader mentions that your the name of your image is already existing on the site, don't overwrite - rename the file and upload it again. - “Elias.Transformation.Manga02.png”)
  • The number following after the character's given name (not full name) should be the most recently image uploaded. (ex: Should there already be two Chise files, the image being uploaded should be Chise03.png)

User Avatars

  • Must not contain any inappropriate content

Images that Are NOT Allowed

  • Fanart
  • Inappropriate content
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