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Isaac Fowler (アイザック・ファウラー Aizakku Faurā) is a student attending the College.


A small looking young man whose appearance is hidden beneath a hood. Underneath the hood it’s hinted that Issac has a facial deformity he suffered as a child.


He appears to be a shy individual, but considers himself more approachable than the others as he is not a member of the Seven Shields. He's also knowledgeable about many things.


Issac hails from a family that specialize in crafting weapons to combat magical creatures. Though oldest born, he had very little talent compared to his younger sister, causing him to be passed over as heir.

He has been attending the College since primary school.


Isaac appeared along with his classmates during lunch, where Beatrice introduced him. Later on he informs Chise about the Seven Shields of the school, as she hadn't been made aware of them. When she inquires to an incident with Lucy and the Websters, he curious as only Rian seems to know about it and later decides to question him in private. However, they end up walking into Zoey as he is seemingly transforming.

He follows the group to find Zoe afterwards and explains his belief that he may be a Gorgon, giving Chise and the others information regarding their nature until they discover him and listen to his reasoning for attending the college. When he learns about Chise's curse as well, he admits he's envious he doesn't have some dark backstory.

Skills and Abilities

Isaac is revealed to have skills in crafting weapons through his magic, though has very actual skill in using them.


Rian Scrimgeour

They've been good friends ever since they were young and grew up together. They are roomates at the College.


None so far.


None so far.


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