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EliasDrinking.png The subject of this article has no official name.
It is a fan-given name as substitute for lack thereof, and should not be considered as part of the Mahou Tsukai no Yome universe.

Jade Ariel (ジェイドアリエル Jeidoarieru): is an Ariel and an acquaintance to Chise.[1]


Jade Ariel is a fairy of the Ariel type. Her skin colour is pale purple, she has thick, wavy, chin length, jade green hair with matching long eyelashes, wings and foot feathers. She possesses light green antennae on her head, that each slightly resemble a bird's feather. Like all Ariels seen so far, she has black eyeballs with red irises and doesn't wear any clothes. Like all faries, she has only four fingers on her hand instead of five, nor does 'she' have any nipples or genitals, which does not seem unusual for some fairies.


Jade Ariel, is a bright and confident Ariel, being the leader of a group of Ariel. She is generally cheerful as well as kind and helpful to those she likes.

She always speaks her honest opinions, insulting Chise after she saw her Dragon cursed hand, saying that she wouldn't have been cursed if she had came with her, and saying that Elias isn't the best person to take care of Chise, her and the other Ariel being more suited to that role.



Jade Ariel is one of three Ariel fairies, that eagerly greet and compliment Chise Hatori, whilst she is batheing and had just arrived to Elias' house. She tells Chise, that she is better off with her and the two other Ariel fairies, than with Elias and also kisses her cheek, before leaving. Jade Ariel, later on, flies towards Chise's bedroom at night and wakes up Chise from her sleep, by calling her. Chise lets the Ariel inside her bedroom, by opening her bedroom window. Jade Ariel persuades Chise to go for a midnight walk with her, to tire herself and get some more sleep, (but this was not her real intention, and she only said this as bait to make Chise go to the Fairy dimension with her), which Chise agrees to. Jade Ariel then tells Chise that she should go with her to the Fairy dimension, and tries to lure Chise in to come, by telling her about how fun the Fairy world is and even uses a number of spells to try control Chise and make her follow her demands. Chise, feels drawn to this, but suddenly she remembers that Elias called her family and that she belongs to him, so resists the Ariel's guidance. Elias then arrives to the scene and tells Jade Ariel and the other Ariels, not to bother Chise again or be punished.

Several days later, Jade Ariel goes to Chise, to help her perform the spell to cleanse the souls of Matthew and Mina, which she and Chise eventually fulfil.

One day, Jade Ariel on one of her trips, hears a conversation between other Fae about Chise. A short time after that, Elias Ainsworth tells the Ariel that she can take as much magic as she wants from him and she complies. The following day, Jade Ariel comes across Chise, who is trying to awaken the sleeping Dragon that she tried to save and had cursed her and has a short conversation with her. Later that day, Chise finds out that Elias wants to sacrifice Stella Barklem (really Cartaphilus in disguise), to save Chise from the inevitable death her Dragon cursed hand would cause her, angered by this, Chise summons Jade Ariel and they escape Elias' household together.

Sometime after, Elias Ainsworth and Jade Ariel do a sleeping spell to put Joseph and Cartaphilus to rest, as Chise holds them down.

Jade Ariel is last seen whispering into Silver Lady's ear, before she gives a cloak to Elias.

Skills and Abilities

Like all Faeries, she can use magic for herself or to aid somebody else. Like all Ariels, she can fly and works with the Wind Element, and is able to purify souls and guide others.



  • She was likely fan-named for her hair color which is jade green.
  • She is from Europe.
  • In Official Guidebook: Merkmal, her height is 19cm (7').


  1. Mahou Tsukai no Tsukai Manga — Vol. 1 Chapter 1, Ariel making her debut.


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