Chise Hatori

Jade Ariel is especially drawn to Chise Hatori and friendly, towards her due to the natural bond between Ariel and Sleigh Beggy. When they first met, Jade Ariel wanted Chise for herself and the other Ariels, so much so that she tried to take Chise to the Fairy dimension (which she failed in doing). After Chise, rejected Jade Ariel's offers to live with her and the other Ariel in the Fairy dimension, the two become acquaintances that occasionally spend time with each other. Jade Ariel also helps Chise out whenever possible.

Elias Ainsworth

Jade Ariel like many Fae, looks down on Elias Ainsworth, for being a failure of a Fairy, and deeply believes that Chise would be better off with her and other Ariel than with Elias. Jade Ariel only intervenes with Elias if it benefits her, or those she cares for.

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