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Jasmine St. George (ジャスミン・聖ゲオルギオス Jasumin Hijiri Georugiosu) is a student attending the College and is classmates with Beatrice. He and Violet are twins.


He has what appears to be a brown shade of short hair and feminine enough features that he is often enough viewed as female along with his brother. He also wears a female uniform with a bow tie.


He appears to be friendly as he managed to get along with one of the neighbors that Elias brought to class and even somewhat impressed that Chise managed to figure out that he was a male when most people fail to. He was also enthusiastic in trying to understand the nature of Elias glamour.

However, he also seems to be resigned to his fate and resents it since he feels that the time of his family has come to an end due to the nature of the world.


He has been attending the College since primary school.


He attended Elias' class on magecraft along with Beatrice and several others, getting along with one of the neighbors that he brought to class before joining Chise and Elias at lunch for their first day. He, along with his brother and Lazarus, then tried to puzzle out how Elias transformed and about the nature of his glamour.

Later on, he spots Lucy leaving her room with Chise and comments on how no one has seen Lucy smile due to an incident that happened with her family before quickly backtracking and asking Chise to pretend she didn't hear that.

Lian confronts Jasmine on mentioning the Webster incident as they are of a noble lineage, but Jasmine takes offence to it as he notes that in the age where humanity has few threats and most monsters have either been absorbed into the great wave of humanity or driven to extinction, they have no future. Lian tries to convince him to decide his own fate before reminding him not to bring up the incident as it could paint a target on his back before leaving him alone.

Violet then arrives, having overheard their argument, and suggests that they decide to instead become Magi as they have an affinity for neighbors. He believes that they can't abandon their post, but Violet insists that they at least scout it out for a potential secondary path to take in life.

Skills and Abilities

  • Affinity for Neighbors: He appears to have some affinity for neighbors, as one seemed fond of him during Elias' class.


Violet St. George

His brother. They appear close enough that they even speak at the same time and in uniform.


  • "You're pretty friendly, huh? I might have a knack for this sort of thing."[1]
  • "House Scrimgeour was tasked with protecting wizards from people and other wizards, but we're different. Unless a dragon decided to rampage in the countryside one day, we're obsolete. Don't lump our fates together with yours."[2]




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