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Kyleid is a relatively new magus artificer working on a device to measure magical energy. He serves as the protagonist of the short story, Natural Colors.


Kyleid is a tall man who wears somewhat professional attire and has dark hair that covers his eyes. His complexion is known to be rather pale due to overworking himself.


Kyleid is an individual who has something of an inferiority complex as well as a workaholic. He's prone to keep working at something until he passes out due to lack of sleep and food, and his attempt at breaking down magic into numerical values result in him slowly losing appreciation for the beauty of the world and magic. He also desired to have his skills acknowledged, but also wished to help his friend, an alchemist who he'd grown distant from.


He lost both his parents at a young age in a traffic accident was was taken in by a magus named Kai, who would become his mentor. One of his childhood friends, Chris, would also attend an alchemist academy resulting in their separation.

Two years prior to the story he set out to establish his own artificer's workshop.


Silver Yarn

The short story, Natural Colors, has Kyleid arriving on the doorstop of Elda's home. After dithering for a moment due to the fact that he'd originally wanted his master's assistance in helping with his device, Elda introduced herself and made a note that while she and Kai were familiar with one another and she'd allow him to stay, she wouldn't change her life around for his sake. He was fine with the arrangement and relocated to the guest room to get some sleep.

The next day he woke later than usual, around Noon, and thus missed as she began using her magic to infuse rose water that would be used in a lotion later on. He found the display to be somewhat mystifying as her method was seemingly to weave magic together as different colored strands, something he could only see due to his nature as a Magus.

He then settled in to have Lunch when a young woman arrived looking for help with retrieving her sapphire ring after she lost it in the forest. Elda agreed, but questioned if she should have agreed regardless upon noting that most likely it was taken by faeries within the nearby river.

Kyleid grabbed his measuring device and accompanied her there, discovering that his device worked based on the distance as she worked her magic to reach out to the sapphire of the ring. However, this drew the attention of a Kelpie who offered to give them a ride in search of the ring. Elda courteously declined its offer and its rebuke that the river faeries would refuse before using her magic and retrieving the ring.

Kyleid found the display to be beautiful, but his device's reactions were violent that it nearly fell from his grip. Likewise, the Kelpie drawing close as a warning that they could attack them at any time and would not always be so generous like when the river faeries returned the ring, caused a violent reaction within the device and left it to shatter.

Shocked at the loss as they made their way back, Elda gave him some tea and then questioned why he was rushing so quickly to try and get the device to work. He himself hadn't realized that he had been rushing the development and explained that it may have been due to his desire to have the device ready for Chris, his friend who was an alchemist and suffering from being able to properly measure the magical energy he was expending. He was hoping that by completing it, he would also gain accolades for his efforts.

In light of everything, Elda had him go to sleep as he'd exhausted himself and after he woke up the next day took him for a stroll to the garden. At first he didn't see anything out of order until she had him smell the scent from an oil she made. Then he could notice the difference in the colors of the flowers and everything, revealing that it had sharpened his senses a touch and that the reason that he'd been sent there was because he'd worked himself into exhaustion and was viewing magic as something to be measured in cold numbers, rather than being vibrant.

Having realized this, Kyleid spent the next few days relaxing before deciding to head back to his workshop in order to fix an artifact for Elda that had been given to her by another artificer who had passed on, now feeling as though the color had returned to his life.


  • The Sight: As a Magus, Kyleid could see magic and faeries.
  • Artificer: He's a novice artificer capable of creating magical tools and devices. His current prototype happens to be Vibration Crystals, which are a set of five crystals made from grinding down various minerals and combining the dust together. They were meant to vibrate and glow in the presence of magic, but that included faeries as well. The prototype was destroyed but he could start again.


  • Elda: A magus who took him in for a week or so at the behest of his master, though he considered her somewhat bossy at first he realized that she had been trying to get him to relax and warmed up to her substantially.
  • Kai: His Master, having taken him in after his parents died in a traffic accident. They knew one another quite well, but he realized her never knew how well his master thought of him until Elda pointed out that he wouldn't have made the effort in contacting her otherwise.


  • (To Elda) "You've been such a help. I can't thank you enough."[1]


  1. The Silver Yarn, Natural Colors, page 98


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