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Lewis is a protective spirit born from a pyrite brooch that has been passed down along the hereditary line of Felicia's family. The spirit serves as the protector for the women of the family who all inherit The Sight, and so he fulfills this role over the course of the short story, Pyrite Knight.


Lewis appears to be a young man with golden hair and eyes, an appearance that Felicia feels is even more beautiful than her own. He dresses in a black coat over his barrel chest and well-built frame, while carrying a golden sword made out of pyrite.


Lewis is almost robotic and inflexible to a degree, placing his duty of protecting Felicia above all else. In this sense, he is like a tool. However, he does feel a kinship with the crystal and thus chooses to help Felicia accomplish her goal of returning it home.


As he is the very spirit within the pyrite, he has long since lost count of his age and has passed down through Felicia's family line since at least the time of her grandmother, Cecelia. He has actively attempted to protect her, even from threats such as drowning when she threw herself in a river to save a kitten.


The Gold Yarn

The short story, Pyrite Knight, has Lewis first appearing after he brings Felicia into the Veil after she has been attacked by an apparition, due to taking a crystal home from a graveyard, and borrowed its power to do so.

As they take the "path" that would lead them to the crystal's home, Lewis advises her where he can on the nature of her own abilities and acts as an interpreter since Felicia cannot hear the voice of the crystal. Once the apparition appears, Lewis holds it and several others off with his sword until she reaches the cluster and returns the crystal where it belongs.

Due to the apparition following them, it makes a final attempt which places Felicia's life in danger. The brooch takes the brunt of the attack as Lewis cuts it down, saving Felicia seemingly at the cost of his own life. However, with his voice on the wind, he tells her that he will remain by her side as long as she remembers him.


  • Protective Spirit: Lewis is some kind of protective spirit with a limited amount of power, allowing it to protect those who wear the brooch that contains him. He also possesses knowledge of the supernatural and a sword made of pyrite, which possesses a hardness of about 6.5 on the Mohs scale, he can cut down other supernatural entities.
  • Communication: Lewis is able to understand other gemstones and crystals, likely due to his own nature. This is also likely the reason he was able to borrow the crystal's power to bring her into the veil between the worlds.



As the protective spirit that watches over her, Lewis treats her as the very thing he exists to protect and places that above all else. That being said, he does show some signs of frustration at her recklessness or thoughts of purposelessness when the thought of not being needed comes up.


  • (To Felicia) "Felicia, I exist to protect you. If I forget that, then there is no point to me at all."[1]


  1. The Golden Yarn, Pyrite Knight, page 104


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