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Lindel (リンデル Rinderu): is a Mage and the current Caretaker of the Dragons' Aerie, which was appointed to him by the one who named him and teacher, Rahab.[1][2][3] He served as both Elias and Adolf's first master.[4]


Lindel is a human male, despite being a thousand years old or more, he looks like a young man in his twenties. Lindel has fair skin, blonde hair which he ties in two loose strands and blue eyes.

He wears a white hood with grey designs around the edges. Beneath that is a maroon robe. In the manga, he seems to have been able to get his hands on modern clothes, including a green hoodie.


In the past, Lindel loathed the Faerie, as their presence made life difficult for him, and tried to remain isolated from humans as well.

In the present he is a calm, somewhat playful individual who has a fondness for the dragons he looks after and will occasionally tease his old apprentice, Elias. He is, in general, a kind and calm person. However, he takes his duties seriously and will show no mercy to those who try to poach the dragons under his care.


During his long life, Lindel grew tired of trying to find his reason for existence. He chose then to live as a nomad, caring for caribou(reindeer in the manga) and growing moss while avoiding humans. During one winter, when no wolves came near his tent, Elias collapsed in front of him.[5] After taking him to Rahab to receive advice, Lindel and Elias become friends and continued living a nomad life until an unknown time had passed and they parted ways.[6][7]

He also came across Adolf in May of 1940 and was his teacher for a time.


Main Story

Lindel first appeared in Chapter 3 upon having sent a request for Elias to bring Chise to him in order to gauge her for himself, as not only were mages an increasing rarity, including her being a Sleigh Beggy, but he was one of Elias oldest acquaintances and wanted to meet her.

He later has Chise return to the Dragon's Aerie in order to carve her wand, where he informs Chise of how he and Elias first met with one another.

In the later volumes, two of the dragons under his care are kidnapped by men under Joseph's orders. He sends word to the College in order to have them retrieve the pair, which inadvertently led to Chise's involvement and her taking on a Dragon's Curse. He is also contacted by his former apprentice, Adolf, about information regarding Elias once he begins to teach at the College.

The Golden Yarn

In the Short Story, Jack Flash and the Rainbow Egg, Lindel hires Jack to retrieve a dragon's egg that was found in mountains far away from his homeland. He explains that they were laid dormant within the earth and by the time they were discovered and he made arrangements to have them shipped to him, one of the eggs was replaced with a fake. As the eggs are wellsprings of magical energy and belong to a species long thought extinct, he wishes for it to be retrieved discreetly.

Skills and Abilities

  • Magic: Lindel is a mage and thus can borrow aid from Faeries and other beings as well as draw in magical energy in order to use magic.He has received formal training from his master, Rahab, and has lived long enough to have gained a vast amount of experience in different forms of magic.
    • Singing: Through singing, Lindel can perform various actions such as making flowers bloom in the Dragon Land and summon Elves.[8] His nickname of "Echoes" comes from this being his primary means of using magic.
  • Healing Hands: Lindel is able to heal injured people and creatures with his hands, which is an innate ability that he possesses. However, this power has its limits as he isn't able to heal someone who is on the brink of death, as mentioned when he healed minor cuts on Chise's arm in the blink of an eye.[9] He also notes that fewer people have been born with this gift in the last few centuries.
  • Dragon Expertise: Lindel is knowledgeable about most aspects of dragons, due to his role as the caretaker for the Dragon Aerie.The Dragons in turn allow for him to ride them, with Paulina being one of them.[10] He notes that if there are any matters involving dragons he would be the first person who would be contacted.[11]
  • Familiar: Lindel has a familiar contract with a Selkie known as Merituuli, with whom he can speak through when needed and send off to act in his stead as he cannot easily leave behind the lands he protects.


  • (To Chise): "Long ago there were many like me, but... so few have been born with the gift in recent centuries."
  • (To Chise): "A person who ceases to think for herself is no longer truly a person. Why do you feel it acceptable for him to keep you as if you were a pet?"[12]


  • In the trailers, Lindel's eye color was originally depicted as purple but was later changed to blue.
  • Lindel is a Swedish name. However, Lindel is apparently Finnish. (Swedish is also one of the official languages of Finland).
  • During his younger years, he seems to be wearing clothing similar to the traditional outfits of the indigenous Sami people of the northern part of Scandinavia.
  • In Official Guidebook: Merkmal, his height is 160cm (5'3") and weight is 65kg (143lb).


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