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Elias Ainsworth

Lindel is Elias' long-term friend. They both raised caribou together up until Elias moved to Britain.


Lindel was once a student to Rahab, but while Rahab stays in touch with humans, Lindel chose to avoid humans and their conflicts. He is still able to contact her by wrapping sprigs of spruce with a red piece of yarn. She chose his name and later made him the caretaker of Dragons.

Chise Hatori

In a bedtime story, he tells her about Elias' past, something he avoids speaking about. While in the dragon nest, Lindel guides Chise in creating her first staff and was the elder that finished said staff, as per tradition. He seems to think and treat Chise like his grandaughter, this is also how he adresses her to everyone.

Adolf Stroud

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