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Liza Quillyn (リザ・キヤラン Riza Kiyaran) is a sorcerer and current Headmistress of the College.


An elderly woman with white hair, she wears a scarf and shawl that covers most of her upper body. Around her neck are roses that are seemingly being cultivated from her body itself.


Liza appears to be a kind headmistress, openly welcoming the new students that arrive at the College and ensuring that Elias could take whatever appearance that he wished.


None revealed so far.


Liza appeared to welcome Elias and Chise upon their arrival at the College, hoping that their stay would be pleasant and telling Elias that he can assume any appearance that he wanted. She then offers them a rose and warns them not to drop their guard too much, though they try to keep it as a safe environment for everyone to learn before she departs.

Skills and Abilities

  • Plant Cultivation: As she has roses growing from her body, it is presumed she has some knowledge of wizardry that relates to that.


Chise Hatori

She treats Chise as she would any other student, but notes that though she may be a little timid she has steel hidden within her and will decide her own path to walk in life.


  • (To Chise): "We're here to make sure you can be educated in a safe environment. Not just you, but every student within these walls. Enjoy yourself. Just don't let down your guard too much." [1]


None so far.


None so far.


  1. Chapter 46


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