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Lucy Webster (ルーシーウェブスター Ruushii Uebusutaa) is a student at the College and Chise Hatori's roommate. She is the last surviving member of the Webster family with her brother being cast out prior, having somehow survived the slaughter that took place some time ago.


Lucy is a teenage girl with long, dark hair. In class, she ties it up.


She's someone who tends to be cynical when it comes to the notion of friendship, likely due to a past incident. She isn't outright hostile to Chise, even helping her and remaining observant of her. However, she tries to keep her distance and states that she finds her polite demeanor annoying. She also disdains people who ignore others.

Rian notes that while she doesn't make friends, she also tries not to make enemies while learning what's important to them. She's someone who has never smiled since she enrolled in the College.[1]

She's also known as a problem child among the higher-ups of the College.


At some point in the past something happened to the Webster family and she enrolled in the College halfway through primary school. She notes that her clan was brought to ruin, which is later revealed to be due to an incident known as the Tragedy of the Websters, an event that took place 8 years ago.

Her father revealed to her that he was kicking her brother out of the family because he lacked the talent and was seen as a worthless failure, with her father considering her to have been born solely to replace him. Upset at this revelation, she ended up locking herself in her room for two weeks.

It was only when she heard the spiders screaming that she emerged and bore witness to the slaughter of her family at the hands of the wolf-people. They spared her for some reason and she was the sole survivor, while the spiders that used in her family's craft to create copies of grimoire that were as good as the originals were stolen. She then ended up in the care of her brother, now going by the name of Seth Noel.


Chise and Lucy first meet when Chise accidentally slams the door into her forehead, unaware that she was on the other side. Lucy snaps at her for not knocking first, then introduces herself. She brusquely shows Chise where her bed, desk and uniform is, intimidating her. She also tells her that she doesn't like talking to people, so she should find someone else if she wants to chat. Lucy is visibly annoyed that Chise woke her up at ten in the morning, and tells her that she can go eat whenever she wants as the cafeteria is open all the time. She gets back in bed as she likes to sleep as much as she can before afternoon classes start at one, ordering her to keep quiet. Later when class starts, Chise notices Lucy sitting in front of her, still looking sleepy.

When Chise returns from home once the weekend is over, she finds Lucy speaking with someone over the phone before she tells Chise to get ready for her Pharmacy Class and then heads off. Later on they meet on the stairs and she questions Chise about why she, a mage, is attending a school for sorcerers, when they run across Zoey Ivy. When Chise tries to ask why he's avoiding her, Zoey refuses to answer and ignores her, which leads to Lucy taking his headphones away to get him to respond and inadvertently causes him to transform.

Upon Zoey fleeing, Lian convinces her to follow them to make amends as the loss of his earmuffs caused him to transform, specifically noting that she did not make enemies. Once they find him, she returns his earmuffs and asks him why he attends the College and learns of his backstory. She tries to go soft with questioning him and even assures him that his snakes are beautiful and that people who aren't fully human are nothing new to them, so they wouldn't make fun of him.

Once they catch Philomela spying upon them and sign a binding spell to not say anything, she notes that they could've just had the staff cast a spell of forgetfulness. She does, however, note that she doesn't trust Philomela as people who sneak around in the shadows were the kind of brought ruin to her clan.

She later joins up with the group on the camping trip, but has her life-force drained by something and is rendered unconscious as a result. She is saved by Chise and brought to the others back to the campsite. She awakens several days later to find her brother, Seth Noel, in her room and there to check on her before Chise arrives and its revealed they know one another. However, on their way out, the two are attacked by creatures that Lucy identifies as being the ones responsible for the death of the rest of her family but are forced to flee with Chise as Elias buys them time.

While in the tunnels she recognizes the creatures chasing them as the ones who killed and is unable to do anything as Chise allows them to flee, though she later mentions that Chise was careless putting herself at risk in sabotaging the trap that she herself set for them and nearly getting harmed for sympathizing with those who killed her family.

Skills and Abilities

None revealed so far.


Chise Hatori

She's observant of Chise but finds her personality somewhat annoying, but she does do her best to look out for her and question why she is here.

Seth Noel

Though she doesn't seem to like her brother's attempts to take care of her, she prioritizes his safety and upon seeing him injured attempted to save him. She was distraught that he had been kicked out of the family because she was to be heir and later on that he suffered what would have been a fatal hit for her sake.


  • (To Chise) "You're a coward who's nice for all the wrong reasons. You think everything will turn out fine as long as you just suffer quietly. I hate people like that."



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