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General Writing Style

  • Articles should be written as if it's taking place in real life, commonly referred to as writing something "In-Universe". This means that phrases like "in Episode 16" or "in the 4th Volume" out of sentences.
    • Sometimes it may be necessary to mention the manga or anime in an "in-universe" article. This will be allowed, but only on a case-to-case basis.
  • When writing on the Mahou Tsukai no Yome Wiki, you should be using a formal writing style. This means, for example, that you should avoid the use of any contractions, such as "he's", "didn't" "could've", etc. Use the full forms "he is", "did not", "could have" instead.


The Mahou Tsukai no Yome has choosen to use American English as its main form of English. Writing in British English won't punish anyone but it should be edited to American English as soon as possible.

Fan Fiction & Fan Art

  • Fan fiction is not permitted on the articles. Keep all fanfiction on user pages or blogs.
  • Likewise for Fan art, however, fanart may be uploaded as long as they are not used in any article other than your own user page. No pornographic images may be uploaded.

Source Referencing

  • References must be done using the {{Qref}} template.
  • Do not put any space between the text and the reference.
  • The wiki's information should only come from manga, anime, official guidebooks, official material and officially proven interviews from Kore Yamazaki.
    • And they should be prioritized in the following order: Original Manga (Released in physical form via either Mag Garden or Seven Seas Entertainment) > Databooks > Online Manga > Anime > Accurate Translations (by reliable scanlators or translators).

How to write a reference

Complete reference

Elias bought Chise.{{qref|name=money|chapter=1|episode=1|text=Chise’s past.}}

Elias bought Chise.[1]
Episode only reference

Unknown.{{qref|name=unknown|episode=1|text=The anime isn’t out yet.}}

Chapter only reference

Unknown.2{{qref|name=unknown2|chapter=1|text=Elias does something.}}

Guidebook reference

Some info in the guidebook.{{qref|name=gb|guide=Merkmal|page=22|text=some text from the guidebook.}}

Some info in the guidebook.[4]
OVA reference

Chise meets Riichi. {{qref|name=|ova=Hoshi Matsu Hito|text=Chise meets Riichi.}}

Chise meets Riichi. [5]
Movie reference

We don’t have a movie yet. (Please make one){{qref|name=mov|movie=1|text=Chise does something.}}

We don’t have a movie yet. (Please make one)[6]
Free reference

Kore Yamazaki is our creator.{{qref|name=creator|text=Link to some interview stating this fact.}}

Kore Yamazaki is our creator.[7]
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The Mahou Tsukai no Yome has a few words that should appear and be spelled with capital letters.

A list of such words are:

Sleigh Beggy
Character names
Location names
Skills & Ability names
Organization names
Species names (with the exception of leannán sídhe)
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