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Marielle (マリエル Marieru): is a witch and part of an unknown coven.


Marielle is a woman of average height with a voluptuous figure, she has fair skin, wide, dark brown eyes, full lips and possesses black hair, worn in a bob-cut. She wears pink lipstick on her lips and pink nail polish on her nails. Despite being hundreds of years old, she has the physical appearance of a woman in her twenties.

In her first appearance, she wears a light green hooded robe, the typical outfit of purchasers at the Black Market.

In her second appearance, Marielle wears a light pink jumper, with a purple stripe on its centre, black trousers with a black belt, a black pair of boots, and carries a black handbag, she also wears a long red coat and a light purple scarf on top of this, when outside.

In her third appearance, she wears a long black dress with a plunging sweetheart neckline and straps, as well as a long black veil over her face. This is what she wears when she attends her coven.

In her fourth appearance, she wears a light pink jumper and dark coloured pair of trousers with matching shoes.



She used to work and live in the temples of the old gods, using her body as conduits to channel divine power into men. Part of her profession in that time was to bear more members for the community.

Marielle says that she has been around as a human since Marie had been beheaded.


Marielle first encountered Chise Hatori, when she was in an auction, trying to purchase a young Dragon, from the Black Market, in order to take it back to its rightful home. Marielle, tells Chise that she can be of use to her and the two make an agreement, that Marielle would give Chise the money to buy the young Dragon, and Chise would give Marielle, Dragon's blood, after obtaining it, in return.

A short time later, Marielle goes to Elias Ainsworth's household, presumably to meet Chise again, the three go inside Elias' house. After the explanation of Elias' and Chise's involvement with the Dragon, she realises that Chise is unable to give her the Dragon's blood, that she originally made a covenant to give her. Chise apologizes for this.

Marielle then takes a look at Chise's odd-looking hand, and does a spell, to try and cure it, to no avail. Chise, explains that her hand was cursed by a dragon, after being questioned. Marielle, then asks Chise, if she is interested in becoming a Witch, and that they specialize in curses. In hope, that if Chise joined, her curse would be able to be removed.

Chise, asks Marielle, how she can become a Witch, and Marielle gives her information on how to become such, before leaving.

When Chise makes her first trip to Marielle's coven, Marielle is there amongst other witches.

A short time later, she is seen leading a man into a room for a massage, the leader of her coven, Phyllis comes and tells Marielle that what Marielle she has done is against the rules, Marielle says that she only did the act for the sake of Phyllis and that she is a troublemaker and will leave the coven. Phyllis comforts Marielle, and tells her that she is still a child if she believes she is the only one who is alone and that she is responsible for her actions. Marielle is later seen leaving her room, quickly, after putting on her red jacket.

Skills and Abilities 

The blood of temple prostitutes run in her veins, meaning she can lend her strength to others like spirits or the fair folk.

Marielle is able to live a longer life, than a typical human being, due to her magical power.

Marielle emits a presence that reminds others of their mother.





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