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May Atwood (メイ・アトウッド, Mei Atouddo) is a student at the College and a classmate of Chise Hatori. She is often seen in the company of Veronica Rickenbacker and is brother to April Atwood.


May is a young boy with short, blonde hair. Eye color is unknown at this time.


The short and only interaction we have with May is during Elias' Mage class that might suggest he is a bit hot headed or short tempered.


No flashbacks shown for this character


May's first appearance is in Elias' mage class and is tasked along with the rest of the class to gain the trust of a Neighbor to assist in lighting a candle. May approaches a salamander who turns its nose up at him, which upsets May, causing him to lash out in anger at the salamander. He is always seen around Veronica and his sister April.

Skills and Abilities

None shown


Veronica Rickenbacker

Philomela seems to regard Veronica rather respectfully, and its noted that he is never far from her.

April Atwood

They are in seen in the same class together as well as walking into the cafeteria together to get a meal.


None so far.


None so far.