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He took in Alice as an apprentice and sees her as something of a daughter-figure. However, he doesn't want his relationship with her to be similar to his own father and sees it as his responsibility to protect her rather than the other way around. He wants her to make her own decisions in the end, rather than being forced down a path.

Elias Ainsworth

He doesn't particularly like Elias, though the two have a begrudging sort of respect for one another. When Elias often needs advice, he will turn to Renfred if he is nearby once their initial hostilities fade away, and Renfred will be the first to chastise him.

Adolf Stroud

He has known Adolf for decades now, with Adolf being one of his classmates back when he attended the College as a student. He can be seen frequently in his presence and will often share a drink with him.


Joseph was someone he disdains as the wizard barged into his home and immediately assaulted him, severing his arm in an attempt to wound Alice before attempting to put him in his place by taking locks of his hair and reopening some of the wounds he sustained in an effort to prevent him from taking any actions against him. He is unaware of Joseph's current whereabouts.

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