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Mina (ミナ Mina): was Matthew's wife.[2] She was born with a weak body and her husband tried to help her but was tricked by Cartaphilus and instead she melted and became part of the stagnation by the lake.[3][4]


Mina was a young English woman of average height and weight, with fair skin, long, straight blonde hair and dark blue eyes.

In bed, Mina wore a white nightgown, but when she went out, she wore a green dress.

When her husband, made her drink cats' blood, she lost her form and turned into a black, shapeless substance and died.

Mina is also seen as an unrested, lingering spirit near a lake, with the same appearance she had as a young human woman before she lost her form and passed away. In this form, she wore a blue dress, with a green collar around her neck, tied in a bow and a blue and white skirt.

When Chise, sent the spirits of her and husband to another dimension that Mina imagined, she and Matthew gradually turned into blue flowers, that were carried away by the wind, after having their souls cleansed by Chise.


Mina was shown to be a woman with a weak body, who often had to stay in bed.[5] Even though her life was very limited by her fragile body, she didn't show depression or complain very much about her condition and stayed in hope and optimism that she would get better.[6] Mina was gentle-natured and affectionate, often seen with a warm facial expression. Mina had a fondness for cats and dearly loved Matthew and pet cat, Tim.[7] Mina is shown to be confident, as well as very brave and selfless in her spirit form, summoning Chise, to her lair by the lake, telling Chise to erase her and husband's spirits for the safety of the cats and humans that live near the lake.[8]


Mina was a resident of the small town of Ulthar. She often had to spend her days in bed from a young age, due to her fragile and weak body. Mina's husband, Matthew, always checked up on and tended to Mina needs.[9] One day, Matthew approached the sorcerer, Joseph in his local pub and told Joseph, about his wife's weak condition and asked Joseph, if there was anything he could do for Mina. Joseph and Matthew, then went to Mina and Joseph checked Mina's health.

He then told Matthew, that his wife likely wouldn't get better, but Matthew felt desperate and pleaded Joseph for a cure for his wife. Joseph told Matthew, that Mina likes cats and since they live nine lives, he should kill cats, take their blood, and give the cats blood to Mina as medicine. One day, Mina feels strong enough to go for a walk in the village, after having a conversation with the village women, she goes into a shed, where she finds cats cramped in cages and her husband hacking up the bodies of cats.[10] She is very shocked at the scene and tells Matthew, why he would do such a terrible thing, Matthew shows her a bottle of cats blood and tells her that it is a potion to cure her weak body.

Then Joseph appears and tells the two, that if the two drink the blood, Mina would be cured and they could both live forever. Joseph holding Mina, then forcibly pours the bottle of cats blood, down Mina's throat and she swallows it, after swallowing it, she immediately loses her form and turns into a black, shapeless substance and dies. Matthew wonders what happened. Joseph says that the "medicine" Mina took seemed to have come with a curse, he then thanks Matthew for giving him "scientific research" emotionlessly and leaves the scene.[11] Mina later becomes part of the stagnation of the lake for several years to come.[12]


Volume I

Many years later, Elias Ainsworth and Chise Hatori visit Ulthar for a check-up and Chise and the current King of the Cats, Molly alongside Bernie and Jasper, walk toward the lake where Mina and Matthew's souls linger. After a mysterious woman transports and throws Chise into the lake, she then bears witness of Mina's past after which, Mina tells Chise that she should erase her and Matthew's souls.[13]

Chise decides not to do that and with the advice and guidance of Elias, attempts to cleanse the souls of Matthew and Mina. But is stopped by Mikhail Renfred and his student, Alice.[14]. Elias manages to hold off Renfred and Alice. Whilst Chise, the fairy, Jade Ariel and Molly venture into Matthew's memories, where they witness his and Mina's lives before their deaths. After that, Chise transports Mina and Matthew's spirits to a beautiful scene, Matthew runs up to Mina and the two lovers embrace each other and after their souls are cleansed, turn into blue flowers, that are carried away by the wind.

Skills and Abilities 

Mina doesn't seem to have any skills or abilities, that set her apart from a normal human or spirit.



Mina's husband, they have known each other for many years, truly love each other and would do anything for each other. It remains this way after both of their deaths.


Mina was his owner and the only person Tim seemed to like, according to Matthew. It's likely he killed Matthew as retribution for what he did to the cats and to Mina.





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