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Narcisse Maugham (ナルシス・ムーアム Narushisu Muuamu), is a Sorcerer and a teacher at the College. He allows his students to refer to him as Professor Narcissist.


Narcisse is a human man of average height with long, wavy, pale hair with short bangs. He wears a pinstripe suit and oval glasses.


He appears to be an enthusiastic professor, whose passion for teaching is only matched by his apparent vanity, as he frequently pays mention to the need to care about his appearance and schedules his day around it.


Not much has been revealed so far, but he has known Torrey since he was a boy. He is in charge of the languages department at the College.


He instructs the first class that Chise attends, where he mentions that the basic foundation of Wizardy is the desire to seek knowledge before introducing Chise to the class as an auditing student and magus. He later appears drawn to a conversation between Elias and Renfred before heading off to go to sleep. Before he can reach his destination, he's questioned by Gregory on whether or not Chise's presence has caused a disturbance among the students, to which Naricisse mentions that she poses no threat.

He later eavesdrop on Adolf and Elias, mentioning that he noticed that Adolf hadn't aged since they'd known each other but it hadn't crossed his mind that being in cahoots with a magi was the reason. He also spots Torrey and tells him to start behaving like the grown up he is, but Torrey refuses to listen to him as they are no longer at home or the same colony.

Skills and Abilities

None revealed so far.


Chise Hatori

He regards her as a normal student, unable to see any threat that could be posed by her that the college would need to be worried about.


  • What does a wizard want? That's simple. "To know."[1]
  • Be flexible! Be bold! Hold fast! Only those who better themselves and don't fear failure can reach the paradise that is knowing.[1]



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