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Nevin (ネヴィン Nevin) was a Wu-il from the Land of Dragons.


A large dragon that looks to be made of grayish scales with a horn. Ridges run along his back and while he has wings, they have become old and frail. As his species of dragon is known to be the bearers of forest and greenery when their bodies decay return to the earth, moss covers his body, his eyes have gone pale from blindness, and there are cracks where his scales were due to his long life.


Nevin is a very kind and polite dragon, and with the typical "Sweet Old Man" type of personality. He aims to provide guidance to those who need it, returning to Chise through her wand to assist her. As others speak, he listens. He cares deeply for those around him.

As dragons are born with the understanding that all things that live will die, he accepts his fate gracefully and looks forward to letting the next generation inherit the world, returning to the earth.


Nevin was one of the last of the ancient dragons, and had spent his life living with the other dragons under Lindel's care.


Nevin slept in the Land of the Dragons until Chise arrived, observing her playing with the dragon chicks and commenting on this being her first time encountering dragons. However, when she shows him kindness, he inadvertently reads her memories of when she thought of committing suicide and apologizes by showing her a final dream of his last flight. Upon his passing, he requested Chise return so she could make a staff from one of his branches before he turned into a tree..

When Chise later returns, Lindel assists her in making her wand by cutting off one of Nevin's branches. Chise carves it into the ideal shape while Lindel makes the final touches for it. However, once it's given to Chise, she is summoned into the boundary between the living and the deceased, There she is allowed to speak with Nevin a final time and listens to Chise as she shares her struggles with him, before giving her his advice on the matter as she departs from the boundary.

Skills and Abilities

  • Memory Sharing: Dragons often share memories and information through their minds. Nevin used this on Chise accidentally and learned of her attempt at suicide before realizing his mistake and showing her a memory of his final flight before passing on.


Chise Hatori

Nevin holds a particular liking to Chise from the moment he meets her, and acts very kind and humble towards her. After teaching her that no dragon would be upset during another's death, he insists that she use the wood from the tree that grows out of him to build her wand, and she does. After his passing, he returns to her through the magic of her wand and listens as she talks about her struggles. Then he gives advice to her and reassures her of what to do.


  • (To Chise): "The living should not envy the dead."[2]



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