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For anyone that has read the Ancient Magus Bride manga in its physical form and then read the online version (or vice versa), then it becomes quite clear that there are some differences between the terms and names given throughout the series.

In order to prevent any misconceptions and to keep this wiki as close to the original content as possible: This page will list the differences between the translations given online and the translations given by the Seven Seas Entertainment (They licensed the series for publication in North America) and which ones that should be used on the wiki.

To clarify in simple terms, this wiki will be using the Physical translations as seen below:


Subject Anime Online Physical
Magic.Sleigh-Beggy01.png Sleigh Beggy Slay Vega Sleigh Beggy
Magic.Mage01.png Wizard Sorcerer Mage
Magic.Alchemist01.png Sorcerer Wizard Alchemist

Character Names

Subject Online Physical
Profile.Silky.Manga01.png Silver Silver Lady
Profile.Angelica.Manga01.png Angelica Barlei Angelica Barley
Profile.Althea.Manga01.png Alucia Barlei Althea Barley
Profile.Simon.Manga01.png Simon Kalm Simon Cullum
Profile.Ruth.Manga01.png Yuris (Former Name) Ulysse (Former Name)
Profile.Will o' The Wisp.Manga01.png Will-O-Wisp Will o' The Wisp
Profile.Adolf.Manga01.png Adolf Straud Adolf Stroud
Profile.FirstHeraldofYule.Manga01.png Twins of Yule Heralds of Yule
Profile.David.Manga01.png David Barlei David Barley
Profile.Torrey.Manga01.png Tory Innes Torrey Innis
Profile.Liza.Manga01.png Liza Quillain Liza Quillyn
Lian Scrimgeour Rian Scrimgeour
Sofia Healy Sofia Healey
Zoey lvy Zoe lvey
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