Petra Elgar is a ten-year old girl and member of the Elgar family. She is one of the characters in the Silver Yarn short story, War At The Walshes. Being a little girl who was able to see faeries, she was ensnared by Gray Walls and saved by the brownie of her family, Rust Eyes.


Petra was a curious young girl who found the faeries interesting but listened to her mother to never interact with them or listen to their whisperings. However, that same curiosity led her to being drawn into Gray Wall's trap as she mistook him for a kind Brownie similar to Rust Eyes, exposing her to true malice for the first time in her life.


Petra had first learned about brownies when she was five years old, as her mother explained the rules regarding them. She would only make a single mistake by drinking milk that had been set out for him and find harmless garbage on her bed as a result, before deciding to befriend him by leaving him little letters written in thanks for everything he'd done.


The Silver Yarn

Petra was drawn by curiosity towards the Walshes' home despite being warned by her parents to never go there. Once she stepped inside, she was trapped as Gray Walls attempted to first harm her and then repeat an endless cycle of cleaning up his messes only for him to dirty the area again until she refused to continue. Gray Walls then attempted to attack her until Rust Eyes stepped in to claim her and had her shut the door to avoid getting in the fight between them.  Once Rust Eyes prevailed, she thanked him and then ran back to her own home.


As a child and largely innocent, Petra was capable of seeing faerie with little trouble and even hearing them. However, she is otherwise powerless. 


  • Rust Eyes : Petra has a semi-friendly relationship with Rust Eyes, though its largely one-sided. She gifts the fae with small letters as thanks for his actions often enough, which Rust Eyes keeps.


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