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Phyllis is a witch and the leader of an unknown coven.[1]


Phyllis looks like an elderly woman and has white hair, reaching close to shoulder length, Phyllis wears a full length black mask, covering her whole face, she wears a full length Black dress with a white collar and matching shoes. She is tied to a tree, limiting her movement. Phyllis is probably hundreds if not a thousand or more years old.



Phyllis is must be very old as she refers to the witches that she leads, as well as Chise and Elias as 'young ones'.

She seems like a good, moral and wise witch, as well as a warm hearted and caring person, she set rules for herself and witches at her coven, to not cause bad to them or others and uses her powers and knowledge to help others.



Skills and Abilities

Phyllis is able to read minds of those close to her and transport herself wherever she wants.



Phyllis is a mentor and mother-like figure to Marielle and has taught her on the ways of being a witch in her coven, since Marielle was a child, she is always there to help and guide Marielle, however she can.



  • Etymology: She shares her name with a character in Greek mythology.


  1. Mahou Tsukai no Tsukai Manga — Vol. 8 Chapter 38, Phyllis making her debut.


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