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Rian Scrimgeour is a student attending the College in the same year as Chise Hatori. He is sorcerer who has a fascination with magecraft and has a mentorship with Torrey Innis. Though he is a member of House Scrimgeour, he states that he is leaving it.


Rian is a boy roughly a head taller than Chise, dressed in the sweater variation of their school uniform. He has light hair and eyes.


Rian is a straight-forward and serious individual who has a great deal of curiosity to magecraft, due to his desire to repay Torrey for taking him in. To that end, he also desired to enter into a contact with a fae, but was told that due to the scent of rust in his blood they weren't fond of him, to which he accepted without further discussion.


At some point in the past Rian entered into the care of Torrey. He also used to play with Philomela, with whom he is distantly related.


Rian was one of the students attending Elias' magus class where he attempted to befriend one of the Others, but was rejected because his blood "smelled of Rust". He later when to wake Torrey, whereupon he encounters Chise and Alice. He asks Chise to teach him about magecraft, but when Torrey comes out of his room he waits until escorting them to Elias and Renfred to mention that he doesn't want Torrey to find out he asked.

Blue Flame, Alice's familiar, appears along the way and mentions that its unlikely that he'll be able to become a magus due to the fact that his blood contains the scent of Rust. He is asks to observe Elias' classes before leading him to the cafeteria.

When Chise returns to school from her visit home, he joins her in class as her partner and explains a bit more about the paths different members of the College take as they enter the cafeteria. However, when Chise inquires about what has happened with Lucy Webster, he asks who told her about the incident before Isaac convinces Chise to not press further. He later accompanies him in the hallway, where they encounter Zoe lvey transforming, and goes with the group to find Zoe in order to return his belongings and learn of his history. He offers to use a binding contract in order to prevent anyone of speaking of Zoe's nature and Chise's curse, but Ruth and Chise catch Philomela eavesdropping at that moment.

He manages to reason out that she was doing so for practice, as that is her clan's specialty, and then has everyone consent to a binding spell that prevents a single secret from being told by all who sign it.

During the camping trip, when he noticed that a Nuckaleeve had entered the camp and Chise was determined to lead it away, he mounted the Kelphie alongside her and took what looked to be a key with him when given to him by Isaac. The two then ran until Chise fell off inside of the water, while he got outside of it and so the Kelphie told him it was going to eat her.

Lian then used the key, transforming it into an axe made of cold iron, with the intention of cutting it down until Chise emerged and instead repaid it for the ride with her hair.

Skills and Abilities

  • Peculiar Blood: Several Fae have noted that his blood smells of rust, which causes them to either pity him or would rather not be around him.
  • Body Modification: His clan's specialty is the modification of the body and he has shown himself capable of making gravity upon himself lighter, allowing him to jump higher.
  • Binding Spell: He has knowledge of binding spells, noting the one he chose to use with Philomela was one that was generous as so long as no one spoke of the secret it would not burn their throat or fingers depending on what method they tried to use.


Chise Hatori

As he has an interest in magecraft, he first asks if she would be able to teach him before settling into the role of someone who would give her information about the College.

Torrey Innis

At some point Lian ended up in his care and he wants to repay him for it in whatever way possible.

Philomela Sargant

She happens to be a distant cousin who he played with as a child, though he does note that her habit tends to make her seem like the least trustworthy person there.


  • "To those who heed this call, let there be blessings. To those who turn their backs, the weight of broken promise. A warning to those who have knowledge, and a song of the end to wagging tongues. The silver tongue calls forth wisdom, while the leaden tongue cuts itself from its master. Speak not of this. Write not of this. Circle the binding, snake born of the river of grief. Devour the flesh of those who speak freely. Drink the blood of those who write freely. Betrayer, let your song be the mark of your damnation..." Incantation for a Binding Spell.[1]


None so far.


  1. Mahoutsukai no Yome Manga, Chapter 56


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