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Rose Lynn (ローズリン Rōzurin) is a Cat Familiar, acting as a Dorm Mother for Chise during her stay in the College. She represents the "children who hold freedom dear".


She is a cat with white fur and a bushy tail, with a black ribbon acting as a collar.


She seems to be considerate for the children under her care.


None revealed so far.


Upon arriving at the Dorm, Rose Lynn and her siblings and mother greet Chise and ask her to choose one of them. As Rose Lynn represented "Freedom", Chise chose her.

She then guided her to her room and gave her advice before heading to see to another new student that has arrived.

Skills and Abilities

  • Information Download: She has all information related to a child downloaded into her mind once selected.



  • "Make friends with your roommate and don't hold things in. Laugh if that's what strikes you, cry if you must, and live everyday to its fullest. Got that?"[1]



  1. Chapter 47


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