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Rust Eyes is a Brownie that serves as one of the central characters of the short story, War At The Walshes'. An odd Brownie that lived within a blacksmith's home roughly 100 years ago, he left his domain to protect the child of one of his masters. It is his curse that haunts the grounds and prevents anything new from being built until Elias and Chise remove the curse.


Rust eyes' appearance would send a shiver down the spines of any human that saw him, being sinister. His eyes were the color of rusted-iron, one arm long and gnarled, He had sharp claws and fangs and wore rags.


As a fae, he was considered diligent but odd. He rarely pulled any pranks and the ones he did pull were never really mischievous, being that he would carely set the china upside down and was something that amused the Elgar family he lived with rather than upset them. However, he had no interest in human affairs, so he would continue to pile the china up even when something tragic occured like their baby died of pneumonia.

He derived pleasure from adhering to rules he set, and refused to change. Thus he required a set routine no matter what.He often ignored other faerie and humans, with the exception of when Gray Walls had trapped Petra within his domain.Sensing the family wouldn't survive losing another child and having become fond of them due to them leaving him milk, pretending not to notice him, and never give him clothes, he decided that he would stop outside of his comfort zone to get her back.

He was considered strange as he liked working within a household that used and made iron, even though it was a bane to himself and other fae.


Rust Eyes had been living and helping in the Elgar household for some time prior to Petra being born and taking notice of his work, often leaving little letters for him as gratitude.


The Silver Yarn

The short story, War At The Walshes', has Rust Eyes being the first to notice Petra's absence. Aware that Gray Walls had taken her, he ventured out of his domain with a spear in his hand and intervened when Gray Walls attempted to harm her. He then called out of her to hide as he fought with Gray Walls, eventually stabbing him with an iron candlestick before telling Petra to leave and destroying what remains of the house.

100 years later, the home he protected fell into ruin gradually as the younger generation moved away and Chise theorized, having watched it happen, he half-accepted it. He accepted the destruction was inevitable but grew frustrated and left, with his resentment seeping into the ground to curse the land.


As a Brownie, Rust Eyes was fast and nimble enough to keep up with Gray Walls despite the fact that he was at a disadvantage due to being in the latters domain. His resentment was also enough to curse the peaceful household as he eventually departed it..


  • Petra Elgar: Despite his normal disinterest in human affairs, he sought out Petra when she had been taken and kept the little gifts and letters she'd given him to prevent his rules from being too disrupted and because the family themselves were a rarity.


  • (To Gray Walls) "You aren't anything, not anymore. The gray walls are long since gone. "[1]


  1. The Silver Yarn, War At The Walshes', page 45


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