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Ruth (ルツ Rutsu) is Chise's familiar, a Church Grim. He shares a mental link with Chise.


Ruth has two forms. His black grim form is that of a large black dog with pure black fur. He reaches up to Chise's rib cage and has red eyes.

In human form, Ruth has red eyes, (the same colour as his eyes in his dog form), light brown skin and wavy black hair, (that also resembles the fur in his dog form). In human form, he usually wears a grey top with darker grey stripes, a black jacket, black trousers and black shoes.


Ruth shows great resolve, both with his previous owner and Chise. He has a mental link between a familiar and master, and as such shares memories, feelings, and even lifespan with Chise. He uses his link to tell others what his master is feeling, when she is unwilling to.

Ruth has shown to care very much about Chise. He tends to be suspicious of people who take an interest in Chise.

A dog in his past life, he finds it difficult not to chase small creatures.


Ruth's original name was Ulysse, given to him by his owner Isabel. Isabel was killed by an oncoming carriage. At the funeral, Ruth believed she would wake up eventually and stayed by her grave until he died. However, due to his overwhelming desire to see his owner again, he became a church grim (or black grim), a fae who protects the church and graveyard, also chasing grave robbers away. He also continued believing he was human up until his meeting with Chise.


Originally known as Ulysse, he was first seen by Chise in a graveyard. Ulysse protected Chise when an evil spirit attacked her, punching the spirit in the face. Ulysse lost conscienceness shortly after this and had a dream about his original owner, Isabel.

Alice, the student of Mikhail Renfred then approached the Church Grim, Ulysse, intending to take him for her teacher, (as the wicked sorcerer, Cartaphilus demanded Renfred to bring the Church Grim to him, so he could make Ulysse part of a Chimera, threatening to hurt the man if he didn't), Alice is stopped in her actions, knocked out by a sleeping medicine sprayed by Chise, who also tied up Alice's hands up , whilst she was asleep, to stop her from taking Ulysse.

After Ulysse awakens, he tells Chise about his original owner, Isabel and how Chise resembles her.

After that, Alice wakes up and is interrogated by Chise, who also unties her hands. Alice then tells Chise, the real reason she tried to get Ulysses. Elias emerges from Chise's shadow and accepts Alice's offer to help them stop what Alice described as, the "kid" that is blackmailing her teacher, Renfred and forcing him to collect creatures (including Ulysse) for a Chimera. Chise takes notice of Cartaphilus as he and his Chimera appear, it targets Alice, though Chise pushes her out of the way and takes a hit for her, falling to unconciousness, causing Elias to transform into a monster.

Later Chise awakens and Ulysse asks Chise to make him her familiar, saying he'd rather become that than be part of Joseph's Chimera. Chise and Ulysses make the pact and Ulysse asks her to give him a new name and she gives him the name of Ruth. Ruth then attacks Cartaphilus' Chimera, which was made up of Isabel's corpse and later leaves the scene with Chise and Elias, after Elias tells Cartaphilus to never bother them again.

Ruth, from then on, is always seen accompanying or at least near Chise, whether in his human or dog form.

College Arc

Skills and Abilities


Like any other familiar, he consumes Chise's magic and serves her as a loyal and benefitting familiar.

As Chise Hitori's familiar, he:

  • shares his lifespan with her (as part of the general familiar contract)
  • is able to see into her dreams
  • can be called upon from long distances through a mind link and through the same way, read her mind. However, they are still separate entities.
  • can breathe fire


Ruth can hide in Chise's shadow.


"If Isabel's alone when she wakes up, that'll be lonely. That's why I'll wait forever."


  • He is from Scotland.

In Official Guidebook: Merkmal, his height is 160cm (5'3") and after shrinking from 183cm (6').



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