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Seth Noel (セス・ノエル Sesu Noeru): is an auctioneer working at the Black Market. It is later revealed that he is also the older brother of Lucy Webster and had raised her since the death of their parents.[2]


Seth is a tall man who has long, black hair pulled up into a pony tail with side swept bangs. He has dark purple eyes. He wears a three piece suit.


He has a cordial and professional attitude in regards to his business, but speaks in a supportive tone towards individuals who he feels a connection with like Chise and his sister.


The man who convinced Chise to sell herself in the auction and give herself to someone who would cares. The final bid was 5 million pounds and was paid by cheque by Elias Ainsworth.

It is later revealed that he was the older brother of Lucy Webster, who lacked the talent to perform the magic of their lineage and was subsequently cast out of the family. Because of this he survived the Tragedy of the Websters and ended up becoming his younger sister's guardian.


When the dragon whelp is put up for auction and Chise calls him, he sends her an invitation that allows them to bypass the background check process and gives her half of the commission from her sale to help purchase it.

He later appears at the College in response to Lucy Webster being hospitalized, as he happens to be her guardian. During this time he brought her a million pounds, stemming from his sale of Chise to Elias, a fact that he silently asks the former not to mention. However, as they were leaving the premise, they come under attack by hostile creatures and are forced to flee into the tunnels as he suffers injuries as a result.

Chise manages to elude their captors and they return to the College, where he explains the circumstances of how he was dismissed from his family and that the only reason he returned was because they called him back to try and lure Lucy from her room. He then came across her after the massacre and took her in, despite the fact that she suspected he may have been involved. He didn't look into the matter because it wasn't uncommon and delving too deeply would have put him at risk while he had to look after his sister.

Skills and Abilities 

Despite being born to a family of talented wizards, he apparently lacked the talent to use magic and so he was driven out at a young age.

  • Sight: Adolf mentions that Seth possess the ability to see the supernatural without aid, something that is normally found with magus.
  • Talisman of Protection: He possess a talisman of protection that can ward away a fatal blow, though doing so results in its destruction and he is left injured as a result.


Chise Hatori

He acts cordial with Chise despite the circumstances that she was found in, treating her with respect for her.

Lucy Webster

He happens to be familiar with her behavior and treats it as normal, though the nature of his work seems to be a topic he wants to avoid. In the event that she was in trouble he immediately put himself on the line to protect her.


  • It's suspected that Seth's real name might actually be Hector Noel.
  • He is from England.
  • In Official Guidebook: Merkmal, his height is 190cm (6'3") and weight is 67kg (148lb).


Seth's first color scheme in the anime.
Seth's second color scheme in the anime.


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