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Seth Noel (セス・ノエル Sesu Noeru): is an auctioneer working at the Black Market.


Seth is a tall man who has long, black hair pulled up into a pony tail with side swept bangs. He has dark purple eyes. He wears a three piece suit.



The man who convinced Chise to sell herself in the auction and give herself to someone who would cares. The final bid was 5 million pounds and was paid by cheque by Elias Ainsworth.


When the dragon whelp is put up for auction and Chise calls him, he sends her an invitation that allows them to bypass the background check process and gives her half of the commission from her sale to help purchase it.

Skills and Abilities 

  • Sight: Adolf mentions that Seth possess the ability to see the supernatural without aid, something that is normally found with magus.


Chise Hatori


  • It's suspected that Seth's real name might actually be Hector Noel.
  • He is from England.
  • In Official Guidebook: Merkmal, his height is 190cm (6'3") and weight is 67kg (148lb).


Seth's first color scheme in the anime.
Seth's second color scheme in the anime.


  1. Mahou Tsukai no Yome Official Guidebook:Merkmal (p.39), Seth's age.


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