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Shannon (シャノン Shanon): is a changeling and a doctor. She's married to Shanahan.


Shannon is a Changeling, who looks like a human woman, save her elf-like ears. She stands tall, and has fair skin, long, light grey hair, worn loose and purple eyes. She wears glasses on her eyes and small golden hoop earrings on her ears, her clothes consist of a white medical coat, a pair of dark coloured trousers and shoes.

As a Changeling, Shannon has the ability to shapeshift into the form of any human or faery.


Shannon is shown to be intelligent, hardworking, loyal and very caring, she takes her career very seriously, saying that her patients are her first priority and that she would do anything to save a person in her care, even if they didn't want to live.


Shannon is a Faerie that was placed in the crib of a human child who in turn taken by fairies, thus making her a changeling. She was raised by humans and grew up to become a doctor. She later returned to the Anthill after Shanahan, the human child she switched place with, found her and they later married one another.


Chise, after being knocked out into unconciousness, is taken to the Faery world by Elias, for treatment and is put into a hospital bed and under the care of Shannon. Shannon bandages Chise's eyes and wounds and puts a charm on her wrist to control her magic levels. After Chise awakens, Shannon takes Chise's eye bandages off, introduces herself, tells Chise where she is and tells her her medical diagnosis. Then Shannon takes Chise, riding an large ant, to a lake that heals wounds, she carries her into the water, to begin the healing process. Suddenly she throws Chise under the water and puts her hands around her neck, presumably trying to drown her and summons the form of Chise's mother. Chise overcomes this and pushes Shannon off of her, and sits herself up in desire to stay alive. Shannon explains, that she only pretended to attempt to drown her, to see Chise's desire to live, and that her desire to live was clearly strong, by her actions. Shannon then explains to Chise, that her wounds didn't heal before this, as she didn't show a desire to live. Chise's wounds are then healed by the water.

Skills and Abilities 


Chise Hatori




In Official Guidebook: Merkmal, her height is 176cm (5'9") and weight is 66kg (145lb).



  1. Mahou Tsukai no Yome Official Guidebook: Merkmal (p.48), Shannon's age.


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