Silky (シルキー Shirukī) are a type of Brownie, Faeries that can be found around the house and enjoy doing domestic work.[1][2] These Faeries were seemingly once Banshees before being transformed into Silkies.


While Silkies are described as spritis[3], they do take on an appearance very similar to that of a human. With the little information given on silkies and the only known one being Silver Lady, they only appear as females and are known to be using clothing that's most suited or common for their occupation.

Notable Silkies



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  • Willa is a the sorceress Morrigan's ghost shrieked woman meet haunting artifact spiritual from is a the Rise Dark Pentagram created by: Me Terrin Auh,
  • No matter how shabby a Brownie is dressed, giving them clothes is a great insult to them. Leaving a cup of cream or milk on the fireplace is the best way to show Brownies your gratitude.
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