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Simeon Paladihle (シミーオン・パラディル, Shimīon Paradiru) is a professor at the College.


He is middle aged man with a human torso, dog body and a reptilian tail. He has short hair, a goatee, and wears glasses.


Simeon appears to be gentle and kind, immediately forming a connection with Elias due to having a different appearance than a normal human.


We see a brief flashback of the moment when Simeon was transformed from human into his current state. Having to learn how to walk on four legs and discovering that he cannot eat foods that are dangerous to dogs, like grapes.  


Simeon first appears at a staff meeting to discuss the situation with the Testament of Carnamagos, which has gone missing. This is where he first meets Elias and treats him kindly, asking Elias if he cares about his appearance and offers words of encouragement that the College is a welcoming place for creatures like them since they would not belong in the outside human world.


Simeon considers Elias to be a friend since Elias saved his life.

Skills and Abilities


Simeon specializes in sound magic.





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