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Sofia Healey (ソフィア・ヒーリー Sofia Hīrī) is a student attending the College and a classmate of Beatrice who attends Elias Ainsworth's class.


A tall, young woman who has long hair that's white and black on the opposite sides. She wears a female, sweater variant of the student uniform.


Sofia appears to be relatively friendly, sitting next to Chise during lunch along with her other classmates.


She has been attending the College since primary school.


Sofia first appears during Elias' class, where she was one of the students who first attended and bore witness to Elias' true appearance. She later sits next to them in the cafeteria.

Skills and Abilities

None revealed so far.


Beatrice Baan

She is roommates with Beatrice at The College.


None so far.


None so far.



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