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Spriggan (スプリガン Supurigan): is a Faerie that serves the faerie queen, Titania. He considers himself a protector of the faerie that still remain, as well as a warren of the hills, and will often protect the fae and their lands.


While having a diminutive appearance with head that consist of stone, a golden necklace, and a fur pelt, Spriggan can drastically increase his size and mass to become a hulking behemoth made of stone. In this state he easily towers over Elias even in his true form. He often carries a staff and is accompanied by multiple hounds.


Spriggan is serious and verbally states that he dislikes humans, as they have encroached upon the fae time and time again. However, towards other fae he acts as their guardian and protector, showing them kindness and understanding where he can. His disdain towards Elias in particular stems from an event that resulted in both a massive loss of both human and spirits, seeing him as a herald of disasters.


He has served queen Titania for a long time, acting as her herald and personal guard when she ventures outside of her home realm. He once helped a Banshee who had lost her clan and was on the verge of fading away by leading her to a home and transforming her into a Silky.[1] Since then he visited her occasionally, sending letters, flowers, or coming in person to visit the home she inhabited in order to check on her.

At some point in the past an encounter with Elias resulted in a loss of lives and since then he has a disdain for him.


Main Story

Spriggan first appears as the guardian of Titania as she accompanies her husband in order to visit Chise, who had fallen into a deep slumber due to using her magic so much. He warns Elias against visiting the land of the fae despite her extending an offer due to seeing him as a herald of disaster, and later shows anger at his presence when he does so in order to save Chise's life.

He returns during the events of Volume 9 in order to suppress Elias when he attempts to chase after Chise in his monstrous form, as in his present state he would pollute the world around him. To do so he returns to his stone golem form and pins him down until Titania arrives and he returns to his normal state.[2]

Rainbow Day, Feast Day

Spriggan appears in The Golden Yarn short story, Rainbow Day, Feast Day, standing at the edge of the woodlands leading to their home in order to greet her and Ruth due to the day often being one where Silver Lady would prepare a feast. It is also revealed that he has often kept in check with the Silver Lady since bringing her to that household.[3]

Skills and Abilities

  • Stone Golem Form: Spriggan has the ability to transform into a gigantic stone golem form, granting him incredible strength and the durability associated with stone. He is seen to pin down Elias' monstrous form with just one hand, and while in his standard form, he and a few other Spriggans were capable of pinning him down with just short pole-arms. This likely makes him the most physically powerful character in the story, likely rivaling or exceeding dragons in sheer strength.



Spriggan acts as the personal guardian of the Queen of the fae, often accompanying her when she travels and showing her the utmost respect.

Silver Lady

Spriggan found the Silver Lady when she was a Banshee who lost her home and guided her to a new one, allowing her to become a house fae. Since then he has continued to look after her through sending letters, flowers, or visiting her in person.

Elias Ainsworth

Spriggan has nothing but disdain for Elias, seeing him as a walking disaster that needs to be kept in check due to his nature.


  • (To Silver Lady): "Ahhh. The very picture of a silver flower in bloom. This suits you far better than fading away like a ghost."[1]
  • (To Elias): "You call yourself a magus, but look at you. You're distancing yourself from us and from the children of man. You'll find you end as nothing more than a monster consumed by obsession. Foolish cur."[2]
  • (To Chise and Ruth): Those who give off light. You will see the flowers' smiles. If you have bonds and blessings enough.[3]


  • Spriggans are from Cornish fairy lore. They are grotesque beings known for their unpleasant disposition. They act as bodyguards and guardians of treasure and barrows.[1]
  • He is from Britain & Ireland.
  • In Official Guidebook: Merkmal, his height is 60cm (2').


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