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The Ancient Magus' Bride: The Golden Yarn is a novel containing a collection of short stories pertaining to The Ancient Magus' Bride series.


The world of The Ancient Magus’ Bride is bigger than Elias and Chise, and many are the folk and spirits who cross their lives’ path. Their tales twist together in a tapestry, words like golden yarn, a weaving of memories and secrets. Contained within these pages are new stories of Kore Yamazaki’s fantastic Britain, penned by the author herself and a star-studded lineup of Japanese authors. From a Celtic vampire in love with a human, to a gemstone knight, and even a glimpse into what Silky does in her spare time, let this enchanted collection take you to the hidden corners of a beloved fantasy world.[1]

Frozen Flowers

A short story following Hazel as he visits his Aunt Marie, a two-legged centaur in her home in the country. His visit takes a worrying turn when she falls ill. Their meeting reveals insight into the culture of centaurs and the divide between those who are born who are born capable and those who aren't.

The Vampire's Lover

A short story that chronicles the meeting between Joel Garland and Redcurrant, as well as how they grew to fall in love despite the fact that they live in two different world. It also gives insight into the nature of leanan sidhe.

Pyrite Knight

A short story that follows Felicia as she is attacked by an apparition after taking a crystal from a graveyard and comes under the protection of a mysterious knight known as Lewis. Together they take a path unknown to normal people where danger follows behind in order to return the crystal where it belonged.

Rainbow Day, Feast Day

A short story that focuses on the Silver Lady as she prepares a feast on the day a rainbow appeared over the house and a breeze passed through the fields. Her relationship with Spriggan as well as the previous owner of the home she remains are given some focus as well.

Defender and Ash

A short story that focuses on Ashley, a self-taught mage who braves a cursed swamp in an attempt to liberate the souls trapped within it. Along the way she meets a Gancanagh that decides to accompany her as she tries to carry the sin of killing her sister.

The Man Who Hungered For Trees

A short story that focuses on Alan Hiiragi, an assistant director of a game studio as he investigates the disappearance of a genius programmer named Paul Anderson. As he uncovers the mysteries around Paul's habit of growing cannabis, he soon learns that the programming prowess that Paul possessed came at a price.

The Sun and The Dead Alchemist

A short story that focuses on Iron Rust, an alchemist who visits Elias to inquire into his relationship with Chise and warn him against making the same mistakes that the alchemist did. However, laying eyes on her brings to mind Uruk, the Sleigh Beggy that the alchemist once loved and lost.

Jack The Flash and The Rainbow Egg (Part 1)

A short story that follows Jack and Larry of the Jack Flash Detective Agency as they track down a stolen dragon's egg on the behest of Lindel, which somehow found its way into New York. It is the first part, with the second being within The Silver Yarn light novel.


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