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The Ancient Magus' Bride: The Silver Yarn is a novel containing a collection of short stories pertaining to The Ancient Magus' Bride series.


The world of The Ancient Magus’ Bride is bigger than Elias and Chise, and many are the folk and spirits who cross their lives’ path. Their tales are woven into a tapestry, words like silver yarn, twining together emotions and warmth. Held within these pages are new stories of Kore Yamazaki’s fantastic Britain, penned by the author herself and a star-studded lineup of Japanese authors. From the story of a very strange brownie to gangsters and dragon eggs, and a mage who finds a clutch of magical silkworms, let this spell-binding collection return you to the hidden corners of a beloved fantasy world.[1]

The War At The Walshes'

A short story that has Chise peer into the past as they remove a curse upon what was once the home of a brownie named Gray Walls. Driven by an obsession to have a master after his former ones left the home alone, he lures in a child of the Elgar family and forces a Brownie named Rust Eyes to intervene and protect one of his domain.

Natural Colors

A short story involving a young magus artificer named Kyleid who, seeking to perfect a device that would allow for him to measure the amount of magical energy needed for different spells, studies under the Color Cloaked magus, Elda.


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