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Tim (ティム Timu): was a Cat that resided within the village of Ulthar.[1] He was the pet of Mina and was elected as the first King of Cats. [2]


Tim was a white cat. He had white fur, three strands of whiskers on his cheek, two on his brow, and golden eyes. Like any cat, his pupil dilates depending on his emotions.



Tim apparently was fond of Mina, as he allowed her to pet him and sat near her on the window sill. He display hostility towards her husband, Matthew. He's also displays intelligence and anger, as shown when he killed Matthew.



Skills and Abilities



Mina was his owner and the only person Tim seemed to like, according to Matthew. It's likely he killed Matthew as retribution for what he did to the cats and to Mina.


The two were hostile to each other (with Matthew shooing him and Tim hissing at him). However, they have one thing in common: their love for Mina. When Matthew, who went insane after he inadvertently killed Mina, tried to kill Tim in order to take his lives and continue the potion, Tim bit his throat, and then he, along with the remaining cats, devours him. He called Matthew "a demon" who was tempted by "Satan"- being Joseph and said he couldn't allow him to live or die peacefully.



  • Tim is a reference to the British folktale King o' the Cats, sharing his name with a former King of the Cats in the tale who has passed away. In the story, a man returning home to his wife and pet cat, Tom, mentions witnessing a procession of cat sidhe (cat fae; large black cats with a single white chest patch) carrying a coffin and crown in a churchyard. One of the cats approaches the man and tells him to deliver a special message: "Tell Tom Tildrum that Tim Toldrum is dead." Upon hearing these words, the man's pet cat Tom leaps up shouting, "Old Tim Toldrum is dead?! That means I'M King o' the Cats!" Whereupon Tom scrambles up the chimney and is never seen again.
  • In English folklore, unlike most of Europe and the U.S., white cats are considered very unlucky, as their fur color is said to resemble the color of ghosts.


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  2. Mahou Tsukai no Tsukai Manga — Vol. 2 Chapter 7, Tim is revealed to be the first King of Cats.


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