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Titania (ティターニア Titānia) is the Queen of the Fae and the wife of Oberon, the King of the Fae.


Titania is as tall as a human and looks very similar, save her slit eyes and more fluid figure. She has floor-length black hair parted at the center, violet eyes and large breasts. Her dress is black and adorned with gold. She has a circlet that resembles green branches.

As queen, she is followed by an entourage including a foot soldier, Spriggan, a pack of wolves and a mule with a flower on it's head.


Titania is free spirited, though will maintain an air of regalia in front of people, unlike her husband. She has little patience, sending dogs to attack her husband, and casting spells to send a human away from her. Titania, seems to be quite controlling of her husband, Oberon, reprimanding him to stop picking on Elias and grabbing him by the hair and making him fall.



Skills and Abilities

Titania is capable of banishing targets at a whim, and locating individuals throughout the entire United Kingdom (including Ireland), and seemingly beyond. She holds dominion over the Fae of the entire British Isles, and thus is likely the most powerful Fae, if not the most powerful entity in The Ancient Magus' Bride's universe, and is likely considered on par with gods, due to her affiliation with Morrigan, a Celtic Goddess. Being the Queen of All Fae means that she outranks even the likes of Ashen Eye, the most potent magic user outside of Titania.




  • Along with Oberon's name, Titania's name is a references to William Shakespeare's famous play, A Midsummer Night's Dream. Accordingly, with Oberon being the king of the Fae and Titania being the queen of the Fae.
  • She is from Britain & Ireland.
  • In Official Guidebook: Merkmal, her height is 164cm (5'5").



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