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Uruk was a Sleigh Beggy who, after being sold into slavery she became the apprentice to an Alchemist known as Iron Rust . However, she passed away and her death sparks serves as one of the motivating factors in the short story, The Sun and the Dead Alchemist .


Uruk was a woman of asian descent, possessing skin as pale as snow, raven-black hair and painted, red lips. Her beauty was enough to leave Iron Rust, who was no longer human and nearly incapable of compassion, to regard her as being as bright as the sun. In the present, Chise remarked that her body was also quite beautiful.


Uruk spared no effort in ensuring trying to make sure that Iron Rust was able to benefit from her presence, despite knowing that being in the alchemist's possession meant that she would die young. She had resolved to live without regrets.

She considered being with him as being home, having lost everyone else in her life at a young age. She had also fallen in love with Iron Rust, despite knowing his true appearance, and knew that Iron Rust felt the same but merely waited with baited breath for him to admit as much.


Uruk was born during a time where warring between clans had reulted in her family being killed. Homeless, she was taken in as a slave who sold her to a diplomat after being informed that if she did her job right it could become her new home. At some point before that she also met another alchemist who informed her that she would have a limited life span. The diplomat eventually turned her over to Iron Rust in order to hide his activities in the region, leaving her under his care.


The Golden Yarn

Upon meeting with Iron Rust in the short story, The Sun and the Dead Alchemist, she began to live with him and tend to his needs as best she could. The very first day she had prepared breakfast for them, even though he could not eat normal foods, attempting to get to know him. One day he decided to take her on a picnic and they encountered fae who tried to spirit her away, but she refused to leave his side despite the fact that he was actively taking magical power from her and it was painful.

Iron Rust decided later to attempt to make her a mage, both to extend her lifespan and to help him find a way to become a mage himself after showing her his true form as an evil spirit. She agreed to do so provided that it would benefit him, and thus began her training. However, as Iron Rust was not able to teach her magic properly given that he was an alchemist and refused to let anyone else do so, she eventually died and Iron Rust took her body for himself and inherited her memories.


  • Sleigh Beggy: Uruk was a sleigh beggy, an individual who naturally absorb magic from their surroundings, so much so that it wears on their bodies and shortens their lives. She could perceive the supernatural to a greater degree than others, and became capable of using magic, but because she lacked the same safety measures that Chise Hatori was given, they eventually killed her.
  • Charms: Before her death, she became capable of using a few charms.


  • Iron Rust : Uruk came to love Iron Rust, seeing him as someone who would give her a new home and eventually developing into romance. However, despite knowing he cared for her as well, she waited for him to tell her of his love.


  • (Her Last Words to Iron Rust): "Thank you."[1]


  1. The Golden Yarn, The Sun and The Dead Alchemist, page 284


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