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Veronica Rickenbacker (ヴェロニカリッケンバッカー Rickenbacker Veronica) is a student attending the College and a classmate that sits next to Chise in Narcisse Maugham's class. She is known to usually be in the company of April and May Atwood, along with Philomela.

She is referred to as Lady Veronica[1] as well.


A young woman who has long flowing hair with a black band in her hair, she wears the variation of the uniform for the students that has a long sleeve jacket and a white ribbon tied into a bow.


Veronica appears to be a diligent student and a polite young woman.


None revealed so far.


Veronica first appears upon during Chise's first class, where she introduces herself and afterwards seeks out Philomela so that they aren't late to their next class.

Later on she notes that Philomela has been talking to Chise and mentions it would be nice if she had a friend to gossip to, leaving Philomela to ask if it was an order.

Skills and Abilities

None revealed so far.


Chise Hatori

So far her relationship with Chise consists of being classmates, with a mild curiosity in her magic.

Philomela Sargant

Her relationship with Philomela appears to be one of familiarity, though Philomela refers to her by the prefix of "Lady", indicating a difference in standing.

May Atwood

They are known to always be together by the other students.

April Atwood

They are known to always be together by the other students.


None so far.


None so far.


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