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Violet St. George (バイオレット・聖ゲオルギオス Baioretto Hijiri Georugiosu) is a student attending the College and is classmates with Beatrice. He and Jasmine are twins.


He has what appears to be a brown shade of long hair and feminine enough features that he is often enough viewed as female along with his brother. He also wears a female uniform with a bow tie.


Similar to his brother, he appears friendly and was somewhat impressed that Chise managed to figure out that he was a male when most people fail to. He was also enthusiastic in trying to understand the nature of Elias glamour.


He has been attending the College since primary school.


He and his brother joined Chise and Elias at lunch for their first day. Along with Lazarus, he then tried to puzzle out how Elias transformed and about the nature of his glamour.

He later appears after Jasmine had an argument with Lian, overhearing how he believed they couldn't fight against their fate. So he suggested that they attempt to become magi, as they both had an affinity with neighbors.

Skills and Abilities

  • Affinity for Neighbors: He appears to have some affinity for neighbors, as one seemed fond of him during Elias' class and Elias believes the twins have the potential to become mages.


Jasmine St. George

His brother. They appear close enough that they even speak at the same time and in uniform.


  • "Us becoming obsolete just means that the world of man is at peace. You realize that too, don't you?"[1]




  1. Chapter 58


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