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Volume 1 is the first volume of the Mahoutsukai no Yome Manga series. The series is published in Japanese by Mag Garden and Seven Seas Entertainment in English.


April showers bring May flowers.

Chise is an unwanted child who is passed from home to home. Since childhood, she has been able to see creatures others could not, and because of these powers, was seen as strange. A man confronts her, giving her a chance to be taken in by someone who would want her. Though it is unknown why anyone would want her, she is sold off for 5000 pounds to a sorcerer named Elias Ainsworth.

He teleports her, in a flurry of thorns, to Britain where he offers a comfortable life. Gifting her a cursed stone, he decides to take her on as a magical apprentice, and just as abruptly, his wife.

After explaining what magic is and sends her to bed. Against a window, a faerie she had met briefly leads her on a walk in the mountains and attempts to take her to her land. Chise declines the offer, choosing to stay with Elias, the first person who called her family.

One today is worth two tomorrows.

Morning dawns, and Chise is greeted by the Silky, Silver Lady. After breakfast, Elias takes her to their honeymoon, which in actual is a glorified errand run. They enter the shop of Angelica Barley, a sorcerer known as a magic technician. After Chise mentions that Elias tore her clothes off, washed her, then proposed to her in the span of 3 days, Angelica punches him in the stomach and leaves him at the front of the store.

Alone with Chise, they try to experiment with a crystal. Chise quickly creates a gleaming field and Angelica scolds Elias for keeping Chise's status as a Slay Vega secret. Elias commissions something that can hide Chise status as a Slay Vega from faeries, and lets Angelica continue working on the other things he had commissioned.

The Balance distinguishes not between gold and lead.

A strange figure captures Chise, carrying her in a dragon's mouth toward the last dragon's nest. The man introduces himself as Lindel: and old friend of Elias, and the guardian of the sanctuary of dragons. As the two friends speak about a current food shortage, Chise finds an old dragon. At death, Nevin will become the bed in which a new tree will grow. As a final wish, he shows her his last dream, a vision of flight. Chise promises to make a staff out of the branch of his tree before leaving on another mission for the church.

Everything must have a beginning

The church sends the two protagonists on a mission to the cat kingdom. Chise awakes in a train and learns that cats have nine lives from a talking messenger cat. Long ago, a man killed many cats for their lives until the cat king joined the remaining cats together to devour the man. The remains of the man remain in the form of a stagnation, a soul that cannot leave the earth.

At the pond where the stagnation was left, Elias asks Chise to purify the stagnation, however Chise is hesitant, having heard a strange woman speak to her saying the only way to get rid of the stagnation was to erase her soul.

Elias and Chise arrive at their destination. The cat king greets them, and guides the two of them toward a pond where the stagnation lies, an impurity that exists to devour life. A strange figure catches her by the arm and pushes her into the water.

Misfortunes seldom come singly.

Potentially drowning, Chise imagines the form of a woman who calls herself the core of the stagnation. Another person is clinging onto her and will not let go. Before Chise wakes up, the woman tells her to kill her.

Soaking wet, Elias is once again by her side. They wait for night, the safest time to perform the purification. A staff with a lantern is handed to Chise and with the help of a fae, she is tasked with purification. Before she can start, two figures appear and capture her fairy and holds her at knifepoint.


  • Chapter 1: April showers bring May flowers.
  • Chapter 2: One today is worth two tomorrows.
  • Chapter 3: The Balance distinguishes not between gold and lead.
  • Chapter 4: Everything must have a beginning.
  • Chapter 5: Misfortunes seldom come singly.