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Volume 2 is the second volume of the Mahoutsukai no Yome Manga series. The series is published in Japanese by Mag Garden and Seven Seas Entertainment in English.


Curiosity killed the cat.

Renfred warns Chise of Elias' hidden objectives: uncertain though whatever his case, he has no sympathy toward her past what is necessary to use her as an experiment. Chise replies that she does not care whether his statement is true, and will be his tool because he reached out to her when no one else would. So, the purification continues.

Love conquers all.

Chise is transported into the memory of the stagnation. Part of the stagnation was a women named Mina, the women that first told her to erase her. Her body was weak. Her husband, Matthew had heard of a magician, and set off to obtain medicine that would aid her.

Mina later finds her husband in their shed, the corpses of cats hanging from the roof, and littered in barrels.Matthew had produced a potion under the guidance of the magician. Instead, of healing his wife, Mina melted, and the potion is revealed to be an experiment.

Matthew becomes mad and goes to kill more cats. They await outside the shed, and begin to devour him and appoint a cat king to watch over the remains of his soul. Mina joins him, and together they form the stagnation.

Having seen the past, Chise is hesitant to erase the souls. Instead, the cat king agrees that when he completes his ninth life, that he will guide these souls to the afterlife, however with a child waiting for the cat king, Chise finds a way to use magic to carry the souls away, creating a spell in the image of dandelions seeds blowing to unknown destinations.

The Faerie Queene

The spell has forced Chise in a stasis; she has stayed asleep for months, and the passing of seasons has passed into autumn. The fairy queen Titania, hearing news of Elias marriage, comes to visit. She finds her husband gazing onto Chise. After a short quarrel, Oberon wakes Chise with a spell. The log she sleeps against sprouts life, and she too awakes. Two pairs leave. Titania and Oberon set off for home, taking bets on how many children the new couple will have. Elias and Chise return home, receiving a summons to the church, and enjoying Christmas pudding.

When one door closes, another opens.

There are many happenings in the church. A tattered dead body is found, Chise and Elias are asked to look into a church grim. The black dog spirit is known to chase grave robbers away, but this particular grim seems out of place. Once again, Elias splits and Chise is left to wander. A spirit attacks her, asks her questions that is she decides to answer, will incite the spirit to take her away. She passed a boy, who cracks the spirit's masks and sends it away.

Speak of the devil, and he is sure to appear.

It appears the boy is not human, but the church grim, who has yet to come to terms that he is now a spirit. As well, it seems he has two forms: one of human, and grim. Alice makes an appearance.