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Will o' The Wisp (ウィルオウィスプ U~iruō~isupu), also known as Blue Flame (ブルーフレイム Burūfureimu), is a Faerie that lures humans away from safe paths.[1]


A black figure dressed in a blue cloak, with matching eyes. He carries a lantern on a pole that's tipped with a flame.


Blue Flame seems to have a personality that's aged and cynical. He frequently refers to Ruth as a Fool due to the nature of his awakening as a faerie and making a contract, yet he does take his duty as a guide to souls seriously.

He also provides knowledge for those in his presence, such as the nature of a contract and how magus are bound by their fate.


Blue Flame first appeared while Chise and Ruth were being attacked by Joseph, using his transportation spell to spirit them away. He later used his flames to protect them, and then guide away the souls used to make up the chimera so that they could move onto the other side.


After Blue Flame assisted the group against Joseph, he later found his way to Alice's side, drawn in by the scent of flames clinging to her soul. Asking to borrow some of her magic in exchange for his help, he helped deal with the wraiths that Joseph unleashed.

Afterwards, Blue Flame entered into a contract with Alice, albeit a flexible one where he would watch over her in exchange for being near her.

Skills and Abilities

  • Flame Magic: He is capable of using flames as a medium of magic and control.
  • Transportation Magic: He can teleport via a spell with the incantation "Horse and Hattock", from the Scottish folk tradition that this is the cry that fairies make when they leave a place.
  • Afterlife Guidance: He's capable of carrying souls from one world to the next.


Alice Swayne

He's attracted to the scent of flames that wafts from her soul, as such he decided to enter into a loose contract with her. He would watch over her in exchange for being allowed to remain near her.


He acts as a senior to Ruth, repeatedly calling him a fool and chastising his choices and how he failed to wake properly as a faerie.


  • "A contact is built on equality, normally. Only fools put their lives up as the price or bind themselves to each other. It's better to leave some loopholes so both sides have breathing room" Chapter 47.




  1. Mahou Tsukai no Tsukai Manga — Vol. 3 Chapter 11, Will o' The Wisp making his debut.


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