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Yuuki Hatori (羽鳥夕輝 Hatori Yūki) was the husband of Chika Hatori and the father of Chise Hatori and Fumiki Hatori.[1]


Yuuki is a light-skinned young human man with black hair and gray eyes.


Yuuki was a loving & protective father.


Yuuki had kept the neighbors of Japan, away from them. Until one day, he ran away with Fumiki Hatori, which left Chika Hatori and Chise Hatori alone with no protection from the neighbors that plagued them day and night.

This eventually drove Chika exhausted as she was fed-up by these encounters and she then commit suicide, which left Chise all alone.


Skills and Abilities 

The Sight

Yuuki is able to see Fae.




  • The name Yuuki means "evening" (夕) and "brightness" (輝) (ki).
  • Yuuki's surname Hatori means "wing of a bird" (羽鳥).
  • Chapter 19 implies that Yuuki wasn't always able to see the neighbors and sometime during his relationship with Chika Hatori, awoke his powers.
  • After Yuuki and Fumiki Hatori ran away, it is unknown if they are still alive or not.



  1. Mahou Tsukai no Tsukai Manga — Vol. 9 Chapter 42, The name of each family member is revealed.


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